Accuracy in Media

The Saint Louis Cardinals plan to hold an annual “Christian Day” speech, this time from former Cardinals player Lance Berkman, and it upset a local LGBT group. The liberal media claimed Berkman is a homophobe, due to his Christian beliefs about homosexuality and opposition to transgender people entering a bathroom of their choice.

The local group demanded that Berkman not speak at the post-game event and that the team should hold a ‘Pride Night.’

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  • 19

    Being homosexual and suicide are blasphemies against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:22-30).

  • J. Glenn

    For brevity’s sake, I cite just two considerations.

    1. I doubt that Mr. Berkman has ever thrown homosexuals off building roofs as have Muslims. Yet these deviant (alphabet) groups serve as an adjunct to the Islamic destruction of Western ways and religions around the globe.

    2. Mainstream society should protest against these perverts because many of them pose incredible danger worldwide by spreading diseases (often knowingly) that have no cures, which are difficult to treat or eradicate, and which put many valuable health care workers at great risk.

  • Theodre Hartrich

    Baseball and LGBTQ! What a world.
    No wonder everything is so messed up after 8 years of the Cuban puppet B.H
    He excelled at division and subversion. Will this once great country survive. Only if we turn our face to God instead of our backs on him