Accuracy in Media

News broke this week that liberal financial backer George Soros, who ‘broke’ the Bank of England by betting against the English pound currency, gave $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation.

However, the Washington Post began its summary by introducing Soros and how his foundation has “given away $14 billion since 1984.” It did not discuss the ethics of Soros’ money-making venture by betting against the Bank of England nor which causes Soros donated to.

It took 13 paragraphs for the Washington Post to point out that Soros donates to liberal and progressive causes, ranging from Barack Obama’s political campaigns, Hillary Clinton’s campaigns, and did not name the various anti-George W. Bush and anti-Trump non-profits that he donated to.

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  • samo war
  • J. Glenn

    Soros is the Ernest Blofeld of SPECTRE who’s in some Ian Fleming’s Bond novels. Soros is the same megalomaniac who uses extortion and blackmail, among other illegal and coercive means, to finance insane plans to destroy sovereign nations and then to install global tyranny. Unfortunately we no longer have any 007s left to put Soros & Co. “out of business”. Most intelligence agencies are now infiltrated (infested would a better word) by cowering politically correct wimps.