Accuracy in Media

President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants is having a ripple effect in Canada, reported NBC News. In the small town of Emerson, Manitoba, more than 300 illegal immigrants have made their way across the U.S.-Canada border.

The town’s population is 678 people and their mayor is not a fan of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lenient immigration policies.

As NBC News pointed out in their article on the crisis, when apprehended, the illegal immigrants are processed then sent to Winnipeg and then are resettled.

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  • Stephanie Parker

    wonder where most of these people are coming from?

  • Richard Schmidt

    If these “immigrants” are illegal according to Canadian law arrest them and act accordingly.
    Might also be beneficial for you Canadians to support strict border control laws and immigration vetting aka Trump.

  • Republic of western canada

    Funny, i didnt know there was a war in somalia. Economic migrants should have a different immigration process than legitamate refugees.

  • Non whites flock to white majority nations because whites build the more desirable societies, AND they know white guilt is heavily entrenched and profitable.