Accuracy in Media

As Fox News said:

“The relationship between former President Bill Clinton and a group of wealthy Canadian mining investors who made significant contributions to the Clinton family’s foundation has come under scrutiny after their uranium company ended up in the hands of the Russians.”

“That deal, which gave the Russians access to part of the U.S. uranium reserves, all started with Bill Clinton’s dealings with friend Frank Giustra.”

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  • Mesa Mike

    The tentacles of such organizations as the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — to name just two, are beyond what even author Ian Fleming (James Bond) envisioned with diabolical SPECTRE, a fictitious organization bent on world domination.

    Today’s all-too-real and aforementioned foundations are just as sinister and global in nature, and use money laundering to manipulate political and financial operations. If this is not so, then let them open their books as corporations must do to independent inspection, not just a show of vague listings on IRS forms or loosely researched, biased media reports.

    And let me mention the Ford Foundation here as well, a Marxist front group that includes Secretary of State John Kerry’s wife, Teresa, and which was founded in the late 1930s by Edsel Ford, whose family had a great business relationship with Soviet dictator “Bloody” Joe Stalin.