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Lansing, Michigan was a ‘sanctuary city’ for a short time, meaning that local law enforcement authorities claim jurisdictional authority on immigration matters over the federal government. The city council voted 6-0 to become a ‘sanctuary city’ last week, but this week, a 5-2 vote reversed the decision.

The city council members allegedly feared public backlash over the vote and now look to focus on local economic issues and the like.

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  • James C. Robinson (III)

    Spencer Irvine, truly, I thank the LORD my God for helping the Michigan City Council in Capital City of Lansing, Michigan to rule their state which I grew up in(though actually, I was born in Chicago, Illinois) to be a “sanctuary state” no more!

  • Medical_Freedom

    Being in the U.S. without authorization is a violation of the law. That being said, if you are an illegal alien, have obeyed the rules of this country and have NOT committed any crimes you should be given an opportunity to earn citizenship.

  • hap46

    And, should not be entitled to our government benefits, including our very expensive and high cost health care in the U.S., nor suck our taxpayers’ money for free education, utilities, computers, cell phones, housing, food stamps, etc.

  • A_Conservative

    Nope. They are owed nothing.