Accuracy in Media

Isn’t it a violation of common sense ethics and morality to let men into women’s bathrooms? But, the liberal narrative always makes headlines.

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  • alex

    i dont care if you’re transgender, gay, bi, whatever…just allow me my freedoms & comfort zone also. i dont even like using public bathrooms unless i absolutely have to….now i have to share it with men too?! that doesnt seem very liberal. there are..& they should make more “1 person” bathrooms everywhere to accommodate everyone. but dont push your need onto me while taking away my need.

  • Steven Barrett

    Much ado about nothing when one considers how damn potentially dangerous it is to just use any facilities outside one’s house or place of work. Just visit any large retail store or gas station. The first week, the johns are immaculate. After that, bring some anti-bacterial back up with you folks. People just don’t give a damn and no pun intended, there’s a devil take the hindmost guiding most places offering “public accommodations.” Once you open an establishment, and have public toilets, the laws of the land, whether or not they pertain to civil rights or the necessity to maintain the highest hygenic standards, they have to be obeyed.
    A lot of BS is being generated about the likelihood of some pervert taking advantage of liberalized bathroom laws but you never hear the same self-righteous prigs give a peep about a real governmental need to get involved with public accommodations pertaining to bathrooms. Oh dear Lord no! That’d be a violation of a business’ property rights. What a fine display of priorities, eh? I’ll just be happy to have a clean john to enter, thank you.