Accuracy in Media

The Washington Examiner reported:

Trump leads Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, 37 percent to 30 percent, among registered Republicans in California, according to a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll released Sunday. Ohio Gov. John Kasich trails with 12 percent.

But when it comes to those likely to vote in the state’s June 7 primary, the race is a statistical tie. Trump is at 36 percent and Cruz at 35 percent among likely voters.

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  • Esef Brewer

    Check the dates of the polling. You’ll notice that word was not yet out that Lying Ted is a religious hypocrite who cheats on his wife, and lies repeatedly to his wife and constituents. The poll did not capture this Good Friday/Easter news that Lying Ted is a lying liar who loves to lie.

    Would Lyin’ Ted lie to the American people if he lies to his wife?

  • JES

    It seems you’ve been reading too many tabloids! This is rumor and speculation, not fact. So, does that make YOU a liar, sir?

  • jug

    Wrong on all accounts!
    Ted isnt the liar, its all Trump smears!
    Trump and the head of the National Enquier, David Pecker, (or whatever his first name is), are good buddys!
    Trump gets real nasty when things dont go his way, and even more lies come out.

    People THINK that Trump is an outsider, when actually, he has been right in the middle of the DC corruption for more than 40 yrears! Buying and selling politicitions right and left!

    Ted Cruz, 2016!

  • Esef Brewer

    Ted will hold up the bible in one hand, with a pocket full of condoms, then he starts lying. Lyin’ Ted is a lying liar who loves to lie to his wife and constituents. Would Lyin’ Ted lie to the American people?