Accuracy in Media

Politico, far from a neutral news outlet, wrote a feature piece entitled, “Why Do They Hate Her?” In the piece, the writer focuses on how everyone is piling on Hillary Clinton, a losing presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

Here are the list of excuses, after the reader gets through a history lesson of Richard Nixon and Henry Clay:

  1. Gender (sexism!)
  2. Today’s political climate is too divisive
  3. Republicans “did more than demonize her”
  4. Glanced over her bad campaign: “For running a bad campaign? Perhaps, though the jury is still out on that question.”

However, the piece does not recognize that people do not like Clinton because of the combination of several things: Her lack of personality, her e-mail scandal and secrecy, her “deplorables” comment, and how she continues to blame everyone else for her Election Day loss to Trump.

The media continues to excuse Clinton for her stunning loss, which ultimately lies at her feet.

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  • mioahu

    Awesome. As long as all these leftists keep their heads up their loser as***es and blame her loss on the stupid leftist talking points, that’s is perfect for conservatives. That’s why they lost to Trump, cause all they talked about was racism, sexism, islamophobia, homophobia, etc ..She associated herself with all the leftist activists, moved far left because of the Bernie push (THANKS OLD COMMIE BURN, FEEL IT NOW ???? AHAHAHHAHA) and had no message, on top of being annoying and having a sandpaper voice, and the bark, omg, the bark… she was an empty vessel of identity politics, and america had enough of the BLM bull, the college fascists, had enough of being told they are deplorables and racist and sexist and islamophobes and homophobes … ENOUGH…. BAM !!!!!! TRUMP !!!! well done leftists