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A political cartoon at Politico mocked the state of Texas and red state voters during Hurricane Harvey, which led to significant criticism from conservatives on Twitter.

Politico deleted the tweet with the political cartoon, but the damage was done.

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  • TPS12

    Can’t help but show their Hate and Biased reporting. They are what they are snakes in the grass.

  • TED

    Who actually cares that “conservatives criticized” … except conservatives!

    Hell! All U.S. House reps from Texas voted against a $51 billion federal aid bill to help out the northeast after Super Storm Sandy! It’s completely understandable that people from the northeast would now be giving Texas the finger!

    The cartoon is appropriate! (And deserved!)

  • Nancy

    Informed people know the reason they voted against it is because 70% of that bill was not earmarked for help for victims of Sandy. It was to go for pork barrel projects in other states. Funny thing about facts. It is good to know what the true facts really are.

  • riverrat119

    Ted, Thank you for your callous & nasty tweet but you might stop & think about the fact that Sandy didn’t wipe out whole towns & thousands of homes as well as put thousands of people’s very lives at stake. Most of the $51 billion denied was to rebuild beaches, amusement parks, board walks, etc. & my ugly friend, that’s a far distant thing than entire cities practically destroyed. The cartoon is as hateful & inappropriate as you are & certainly not deserved. Did you get out to help rescue people stranded? Did you do anything to help the people you’re now criticizing? Hundreds of Texas residents got out in those dangerous waters to help the professionals in the rescue attempt. What did you do to help anyone?? Did you go help rebuild anyone’s home? No, I’ll bet you sat in your nice warm home & cursed the govt. for what little they did! What a small minded & stupid person you must be to compare the danger of people’s lives against rebuilding a beach & boardwalk! God bless your small little heart ’cause you just might need help saving your life someday & I’ll pray some one is there in your hour of need.

  • BG

    First of all, you’re willing to punish all people in Texas for what you think a few did?
    Second, As I understand it, the Sandy Storm bill was voted against because it was stuffed with things that had nothing to do with the storm.

  • sox83cubs84

    Ted is a liberal…facts are to him as a crucifix is to Dracula.

  • wlennon

    I have no idea where you came up with that, I checked the voting record on Sandy, it was a unanimous decision to fund Sandy. You are not entitled to your own facts, made us as they are.

  • Mike S.

    I’m old enough to recall how Democrat-media simpletons mocked South Carolina when a hurricane the state, citing the storm as divine retribution against voters for re-electing Jesse Helms. Hate is a major genome in the political DNA of the Democrat-media complex; they never change their heinous tactics and Big Lies: readers and viewers just forget or weren’t yet born.