Accuracy in Media

From The Guardian:

The biggest US police union is pressing Amazon to follow Walmart and remove from third-party sale a shirt that seeks profit in relation to the Black Lives Matter protest movement.

The shirt, which carries the words “Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter”, was removed from online sale by Walmart on Thursday, after the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) said it was “offensive”.

In an open letter, FOP president Chuck Canterbury appealed to Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos to support the FOP in “increasing the bonds of trust between the men and women of law enforcement and the communities they serve”.

Photo by BobboSphere

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  • john awe

    I am glad Walmart pulled the shirt and I hope Amazon does to. Black Lives Matter is no more special than any other life agenda.

  • biilyjoe

    We know that Comcast and Google are complicit with Muslim Brotherhood instigators; Sree Kotay , the supposed Chief Technical Officer of Comcast is instigating/organizing Comcast employees to attack our President’s policies. This Indian-born insurrectionist is nothing more than a Chief Propaganda Officer for Sedition and is an insult to the millions of Trump supporters who pay for and use Comcast Cable–unaware that this Kotay is pulling the rug out from under their voting rights. He should be fired–he is also somehow connected to Google which is also complicit with this anti-America agenda of the left. Comcast, Google, Amazon –MUST ALL BE BOYCOTTED BY REPUBLICANS everywhere in what ever way possible.

  • raysquiredog

    How many black lives were lost when wearing this shirt, thinking it was bullet proof?

  • geoh777

    Amazon should instead start selling a BLM shirt with a sewn-on recoil pad on the right (or left) shoulder area.

  • geoh777

    Firing is no good without deportation and banning from re-entry for 20 years.

  • biilyjoe

    I agree.

  • Barry Kennedy

    Nobody is actually questioning the crazy, wingnut conspiracy theory BS this “billyjoe” guy just spouted? Are you all this crazy? Have some backbone, conservitards.

  • biilyjoe

    Shouldn’t you be out spraying anti-Trump Graffiti on walls in Chestnut Hill ?