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Sweden finally recognized that an open borders policy will bankrupt them as a country, so now they’re clamping down on migrants/immigrants going to their borders to claim asylum.

sweden immigration 2015

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  • Oingo Boingo

    Too late

  • CatholicExDem

    Sweden has MUCH to do, if they hope to fix this. I doubt that they can.
    1) The majority of Swedes still harass, prosecute, and fire any Swede who voices complaints about the behaviors of the Rapeugees. They would need to get rid of the enabling Leftist Groupthink that embraces any foul criminality so long as it is committed by Brown People.
    2) Sweden still provides permanent Housing, Stipend, Support, Relocation Benefits, Relocation for Relatives, even Vacation Benefits, to anyone who comes to their Border. Unless the Swedes somehow induce their current crop of ‘on the Dole’ freeloading Middle Easterners to either leave or assimilate, they will simply be dragged under as they are out-reproduced by their parasitic guests.
    3) Mostly, the Swedes will have to give up on the idea that all Cultures are equivalent and able to mesh together to form a seamless Multicultural quilt. That approach cannot work w/ a Supremacist Politico-Religious combination like islam, which demands submission to islam from all OTHER Cultures in the quilt.The muslims see everyone other than muslims in Sweden as conquered, subject peoples. Most Peoples would have recognized the bitter experiences of the past 15 yrs as proof of of this Reality, but the native Swedes are themselves adherents to the Political Religion of Leftism, and their Belief system dictates that Multiculturalism is ‘Right’, so to Oppose it is Counter-revolutionary and Anti-social. The Swedes have shown no signs of reassessing their approach, so I do NOT foresee survival for Sweden except as a Swedistan in the Caliphate, w/ the native Swedish People either converting or in Dhimmitude.