Accuracy in Media

Start-up company Bodega was set to compete with bodegas on street corners across New York City, using vending-machine-like systems to streamline transactions.

However, this technological threat sparked outrage, where critics claimed that the founders were misappropriating immigrant culture — bodegas are often run by immigrants — among other things.

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  • mioahu

    Oh, the fake outrage of the leftists…how about everybody else stop using products of the western culture…like cars, phones, computers, tvs, the internet, airplanes, pretty much everything using electricity, modern healthcare, the piano, the violin, stop watching movies and taking pictures…i think you get the picture…these idiots have nothing better to do…how about immigrants dont come here and appropriate the american culture ? But the thing is, the outrage mob is usually a bunch of white privileged leftists , not the people they pretend to be advocating for