Accuracy in Media

The pro-gun control group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, held a counter-protest at the National Rifle Association’s annual meetings in Atlanta, Georgia. However, it appeared that up to 100 people attended the planned rally, which is not much of a counter-protest that the media would report on.

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  • James Rutledge

    Monsanto mom shannon watts is a lying crapweasel

  • 191145

    90% of Americans and ” gun owners ” agree with them ! You bet ya ! Lol.

  • Mike S.

    I’m so sick of the use of “moms” in connection with ignorant protests and group names. I’d like to think that women with children who aren’t Useful Idiots would object to and stop this deprecation. It reminds me of Saving Private Ryan or Cindy Sheehan (whose son was killed in Iraq under Bush). Neither the movie’s premise nor Sheehan was about saving soldiers (mostly all men) from battlefield slaughter but only about how a mother feels, and more as an outcome of her own self-obsession and not out of concern over our general welfare through knowledgeable, prudent opposition.