Accuracy in Media

An Oregon judge approved a former Army sergeant’s request to identify as neither male or female, as he is “transitioning” from his male birth gender. NBC News noted that the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles has been exploring how to handle this and has held several public comment sessions on potential gender option changes.

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  • mioahu

    Vaste of time and money. This is not for DMV to figure out, it is a disorder ! I feel for these people, but making a new gender legal will not make it easier for them. Government stay the hell out of it. But i guess now science does not matter too much to the leftists. In Climate change, with fuzzy models, lying scientist, data manipulations the science is “settled” somehow, but when we talk about straight DNA, chromosomes, which is way more settled, well, in this case science does not matter and they use again some fuzzy psychoanalysis BS to advance their cause. If you think you are talking to GOD, you are crazy … if you are afraid of the world, you are crazy …. if you think you are the opposite gender, or a new gender, well, that’s science

  • Mesa Mike

    Government is indeed the root of all evil. When they finally get their way with this insanity then suddenly they all want us to be Libertarians.