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Oprah Winfrey is rumored to considering a run as a Democratic Party candidate to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020. After her speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday, pundits and celebrities pushed Winfrey to think about running for the White House.

Washington Examiner columnist Philip Wegmann recalled several controversies that Winfrey took part in because of her daytime television show, some of which could derail the feel-good vibes from Winfrey’s Golden Globes speech:

  • A fan decided that Winfrey’s positive-thinking mantra, promoted in Winfrey’s book, could save her from breast cancer and she didn’t undergo chemotherapy. She died within three years, even after Winfrey begged her to seek treatment.
  • Winfrey interviewed prominent anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy and in part, gave credibility to the ‘anti-vaxxer’ movement to not vaccinate one’s children.

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  • David

    But this is OPRAH, the “queen bee” of Liberalism.

    She is a hard-left liberal which means that she already gets over $2 BILLION worth of FREE Campaign Publicity from all of the media (not even counting everything she OWNS or CONTROLS of media properties.

    If you thought the media sat on their hands while Hillary lied and cheated her way to teh election in 2016, if Oprah runs you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Then there is the fact that, unlike Hillary Clinton, Oprah is POPULAR with the average person (not with me but I am not average).

    IF she runs the GOP will have a fight on its hands. And given how the GOP has basically told its base where to go and exactly how to get there, they could have a tough time of it anyway in the Senate and House in 2018, not to mention 2020.

  • Kim Smith

    Aside from her TV show…everything else that Oprah has tried to do has gone broke…Her TV network is a failure, as were her two magazines, soap opera, and several other business ventures…The only reason for her success with her show….she did not make any decisions about the business side of her show…CBS did… She would make such a horrible president…that we would start to think obama had been great.

    She is a control freak. She is as racist as Louis Farrakhan. She wanted to open a school for girls, here in the states, but once she found out that none of her ideas were legal…she then opened it in Africa…She created a school were basically the families of the students have to cede their children to her…She does not allow “her girls” to see their own parents for the first 3 months that they are at the school…because she claims she has to reteach how they think…in other words brainwash them..Basically she is Queen…She does not even allow them to eat food prepared at home and brought to them by their parents…because, as she has said…she wants her girls to be healthy…One set of parents gave an interview about how they were made to feel unfit and they felt that Oprah despised them…Imagine what she would be like as President.

  • samo war
  • Mike S.

    There was an AIM article a year ago about her becoming an occasional host on 60 Minutes. (Whether that’s still true, I don’t know.) I posted at that time she was being positioned for a presidential run, and that Soviet-style party loyalist and Fox News traitor Gretchen Carlson or Megyn Kelly could be potential running mates.

    Oprah, as noted in some posts here, hasn’t got the right stuff, but if the media pushes for her ascendancy as they now push for Trump’s demise, she has a chance. As I’ve also posted, women are running the country … right into the ground. And that’s just how Marxists have planned it.

  • Charles Rogers

    I don’t think that Oprah should be POTUS either, but I do believe that she would be head over heels better than Trump, or any of the other GOP 2016 candidates.
    But maybe we’ll get lucky and Bernie Sanders will run again, only this time, the DNC will be properly focused on winning and the 42% of Americans who did not vote in 2016 will be properly informed about the power of participation…