Accuracy in Media

The Washington Free Beacon reported that U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a darling of the Left, paid her female staffers less than her male staffers:

The median annual earnings for women staffers, $52,750, was more than $20,000 less than the median annual earnings for men, $73,750, according to the analysis of publicly available Senate data.

This comes after Warren railed against the alleged gender pay gap this week:

As a result, Warren has not responded to the Free Beacon since the report came out.

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  • David in Michigan

    “#EqualPayDay isn’t a national day of celebration. It’s a national day of embarrassment.”

    A national day of embarrassment for hypocrites like Senator Warren. She has no shame. She posed as a Native American to get her job at college, so why should this pay scandal bother her?

  • Mark M.

    Most workplace deaths (93%) are men. That’s the ultimate inequality, Warren. When will an equal number of women sacrifice life and limb in the workplace? Never. So the real problem is political foment about equal pay. Qualification levels are seldom considered.

    Also, men who work hard labor (mechanics, oil riggers, plumbers) must earn more 1) to attract workers to these vital jobs and 2) because they often can’t work to retirement because of injuries and physical deterioration brought on by aging, and they must make more during their prime years.

  • Dan Hollingsworth

    What else would you expect from a screaming big mouth hypocrite fake liberal bitch ?

  • Lea D.

    What unreasonable reasoning, Mark. Whatever the job pays, whoever does the job should get the same pay, based on experience, level of expertise, etc., not based on sex.

  • Mark M.

    You ignore “the ultimate inequality” because you are a political parrot who trolls sites and writes rote ignorance. To paraphrase Pastor Niemoller: When they come for the women, there will be no one left to speak up. Tsk, tsk.