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Newsweek was the only mainstream media outlet to cover last week’s release of the FBI’s internal communications about the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting in 2016.

To recap, during the 2016 presidential campaign, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton, husband of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on an airport tarmac.

The meeting was apparently about grandchildren and was non-political in nature, but when the news of the secret meeting broke, conservatives became skeptical of the FBI’s neutrality in investigating Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information on her secret email server.

Clinton was not prosecuted for her email scandal, but conservatives clamored for more information about the meeting and how the FBI handled it. The FBI made the emails public on Friday, and in them, FBI officials were upset that the news of the meeting leaked and sought to punish the leaker of the information.

Only Newsweek covered the content of the emails on its website, when a Google search came up empty for the websites of CNN, NBC News, ABC News and CBS News.

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  • NoUsurpers

    The meeting was apparently about grandchildren??- YGBKM.

  • ataulfus magnus

    DOWN with clintons!

  • It’s disgusting the way the so-called MSM cherry-picks what they report on. Did you EVER see them rail about Obozo when he was in office? About “Fast and Furious”? About “Benghazi”? About the IRS and Lois Lerner? About the Hildabeeste’s e-mails? About Obozo’s sealed school records and birth certificate? WaPo and the networks are contemptible.

  • coloradobear

    It’s amazing to me how the media throws stuff out there for us to gobble up and they actually think we’re that stupid and will believe it JUST because THEY threw it out there. Guess WE know who the REAL stupid ones are. YUP, It’s just good old Bill and good old Loretta, flying thousands of miles on these expensive jets just so we can talk about our grandkids. Yup, that’s what we’ll tell the people and they’ll gobble it up as fact.