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So much for being a man of the people, as a socialist populist politician? Heat Street reported that Bernie Sanders collected $858,000 in book royalties for his book on the 2016 election.

What is the threshold for being a so-called “one-percenter”? Over $300,000 in earnings, as the Free Beacon noted.

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  • mioahu

    typical leftie hypocrite

  • james warren

    Good businessman. Our military, our libraries, police and fire departments, our highway system, insurance pools, our VA, utilities are ALL based on a socialist model.
    Bernie has been the best historical teacher on these facts.
    For nearly half a century, a majority of Americans have agreed with Sanders’ issues anyway.

  • mioahu

    HAHAHA, hilarious. Of course everything that falls in the government duties is similar to socialism. For the departments we have comparison for, the government does an abismal job compared to the private sector. Examples are the VA, the DMV, public libraries (cannot be compared to any library run by an institution, foundation, etc) . For the others comparisons are harder to find. The fact that you have some stuff run by the government does not mean that people like socialism, it means that it’s not good to have anarchy.
    And no, socialism does not work, Ask Sweden and Norway, who after half a century of socialism are privatising their failed industries…heard of Nokia, Volvo, the SAAB aircraft, SAAB automobiles..not really world leading :-)…even China is wise enough to allow privatisation. So guess what, it has been tried and it has NEVER WORKED !

  • james warren

    You can change the subject with mocking laughter, but only for awhile.

    Never worked, eh? Never?
    Never EVER?
    You are being ridiculous.
    Of COURSE it works!

    Bill Sammon, Washington, D.C. news editor of FOX “News” admitted he spread the rumor of Obama as a socialist as “a joke” and was surprised at how many supposedly intelligent people believed him.

    It’s an interesting idea indeed that some wags are unable to get beyond the either/or, black/white framework and then confidently claim that socialism “does not work.” I guess am still surprised and puzzled for seeing such ignorance from folks like YOU.

  • mioahu

    yeah right, as anybody cared what Bill Sammon said 🙂 . Obama is a leftist, and would have brought socialism if he could have.. And indeed , socialism never worked, cause if it did you would give me an example 🙂 Guys like YOU are ignorant, and spit lots of talking points without any actual knowledge 🙂 …And if it does work for brief periods of time, it always implodes cause it runs out of the money or resources, since it cannot create competitive products. See my post above.. and maybe you can give me some example of socialist systems that work , or of competitive products created by a socialist society. And don’t tell me the western european countries are socialist, cause they are not.. most have leftist governments, but the underlying capitalism keeps them running despite their socialist tendencies,

  • james warren

    As with any complex political idea, socialism means different things to different people. But there are core concepts in socialist politics that are easy to identify, including (1) worker control over the nature and conditions of their work; (2) collective ownership of the major capital assets of the society, the means of production; and (3) an egalitarian distribution of the wealth of a society.

    Obama has never argued for such principles, and in fact consistently argues against them, as do virtually all politicians who are visible in mainstream U.S. politics. This is hardly surprising, given the degree to which our society is dominated by corporations, the primary institution through which capitalism operates.

    Obama was not only not a socialist, he was not even a particularly progressive capitalist.
    Obama is part of the neo-liberal camp that has undermined the limited social-democratic character of the New Deal consensus, which dominated in the United States up until the so-called “Reagan revolution.”

    While Obama’s stimulus plan was Keynesian in nature, there is nothing in administration policy to suggest he is planning to move to the left in any significant way.

    You don’t care about Bill Sammon’s remarks because they force you to confront your own contradictions.

  • mioahu

    Again, you avoid the main point… And how do I have a contradiction ? I said that socialism NEVER worked, and that Obama is a leftie. On the other hand, YOU STILL CANNOT give me any examples where socialism worked. That;s probably because that would force you to confront your own contradictions !!!

    Of course Obama has never openly argues for such principles, nobody can openly do and be the USA… yet, and hopefully never… but everything he did moved the country to the left. Obama Care was masterminded to lead to single payer through the collapse of the private insurance companies , cause they could not pass it if they would have advocated for single payer. The Paris accord is just a massive wealth redistribution scheme. The Iran deal is just a massive undermining of US national security. Everything this man did proves he is a leftie, and not necessarily a socialist.

    So again , the main point was that socialism NEVER worked, and you still can’t give me examples to the contrary, while claiming that it did. Now that’s some cognitive dissonance for your brain , forcing you to confront your own contradictions , Adios comrade.

  • #Indivisible

    How so?
    Is he supposed to not engage in capitalism?

  • #Indivisible

    “you have no rights or property or freedom in a socialist/communist society”

    Complete nonsense.

  • #Indivisible

    “The Paris accord is just a massive wealth redistribution scheme. The
    Iran deal is just a massive undermining of US national security.”

    Baseless assertions.

  • james warren

    To say things like “Socialism NEVER worked” or that “Socialism ALWAYS works” simply means the person speaking is not intelligent, critical or realistic.

    What about the different versions of TrumpCare that have been released? Isn’t it a massive transfer of wealth to the top 10 per cent?

    As with any complex political idea, socialism means different things to different people. So let’s get beyond the vapid opinions of people like Sean Hannity to explain what it is. My high school poli-sci classes let me know that there are core concepts in socialist politics that are easy to identify:
    — worker control over the nature and conditions of their work
    –collective ownership of the major capital assets of the society & the means of production
    –an egalitarian distribution of the wealth of a society.

    Obama has NEVER argued for such principles, and in fact consistently argued against them–as do virtually all politicians who are visible in mainstream U.S. politics.

  • mioahu

    Baseless says who ? did you read the paris accord ? do you know what it contains ?
    Did you read the Iran deal ?
    So prove my assertions baseless with some example, and by explaining what these deals actually are 🙂

  • mioahu

    AGAIN, you can’t give me any example where socialism has worked.
    Let me know one successful society where you have
    — worker control over the nature and conditions of their work
    –collective ownership of the major capital assets of the society & the means of production
    –an egalitarian distribution of the wealth of a society.
    And if there is, give me an example !!!!Or just shut up already …
    Having few things run by the government in an otherwise capitalistic society is NOT SOCIALISM !!!!! You just say the same intellectually dishonest thing every time ! You lost this argument comrade !

  • james warren

    So helpless. Always playing the victim.

    “How I LOVE my low information voters [white people].”

    Italy has a workable system of worker control. A recent nonviolent resistance movement by labor resulted in a management board made up by employees.

    As I remember correctly [and I DO forget a lot] Social ownership refers to forms of public, collective, or cooperative ownership, or to citizen ownership of equity or basically to any combination of these.

    Many Trump supporters tend to see reality in black/white, either/or forms, but this orientation leads to confusion.

    There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them. I would hazard a guess that social ownership is the most common feature.

    Libraries, our VA, our military, our police and fire departments, our highway system, our insurance pools and Social Security insurance, store and apartment co-ops have been working since their inception.

    The word “socialism” was actually coined to stand in contrast to the liberal doctrine of individualism.

    In the Hebrew Bible, the ancient Hebrews built a unique version of structural socialism in their culture, which mandated the forgiveness of all debts, public and private, as well as a period of time when all land would return to its original family ownership.

    All farmers were expected to leave a portion of each harvest for the widow, the orphan, the stranger and the immigrant.

    In Paul’s day, the early Christians practiced a rudimentary form of Marxism in which all things would be held in common. This was such an important idea that God himself was said to have killed a married couple on the spot for trying to take extra food and goods for themselves.

    Capitalism has worked fine for big businesses and for people with substantial stock holdings. The recent tome “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” is a 2013 book by French economist Thomas Piketty. It focuses on wealth and income inequality in Europe and the United States since the 18th century as a direct result of capitalistic economics.

  • james warren

    The night of September 11, 2001 thousands of Iranians in the city of Tehran took to the streets with candles to march in solidarity with all Americans after the tragedy at the World Trade Center.

    Recently, 500,000 Muslims took to the streets to march against ISIS. Of course, you heard nothing about it.

  • james warren

    He does not. He is ANTI capitalist and pro-Russia.
    He has been sued many, many times for refusing to pay his workers.

  • mioahu

    He’s not supposed to demonize the one percenters while being one of them.
    Typical leftie hypocrite as I said, like all of them…The Clintons, the Obamas,
    just political gamesmanship, big hat no cattle

  • mioahu

    What a great example of a leftie you are !!! Italy is not a socialist country. As I mentioned in my posts above, it’s a capitalist country with leftist governments. And it works despite the great deal of socialism they impose on the people, because of the underlying capitalistic money generating machine that feeds all the socialist institutions. They are doing pretty badly actually,. A closest example would be Greece, which is doing horrendous. The closer you get to real socialism the worse your economy and your people 🙂 Extreme example are the communist countries, pure socialism :-), all failed . So keep up with your armchair socialism like Bernie, while enjoying our capitalistic system.

  • mioahu

    Again, you are a confused lefty professor. You confuse the ideology of a part of a population of a country with their government/leadership… by that logic btw, all americans are pro climate change cause some marched for it .. You are truly illogical, it is amazing how logic just eludes some people and they come up with these examples that are proving nothing :-)…but that’s your average leftist, throw around some examples from the evening comedy shows , while ignoring the facts and completely ignoring logic….i guess in this case it’s all black and white, unlike the socialism debate where you suffered a devastating loss AHAHAHHAHHA

  • mioahu

    You, my commie friend, are complete nonsense. Have you asked the north koreans about their home ownership ? And how the state guarantees that ? Oh, wait, everything is owned by the government, they order you where to live , and what job you should take… and if they want to, they put you in jail and you have the right to a lawyer…wait, no, they can kill you without due process…

    You are an idiot of astronomical proportions. Do yourself a favor and read a bit. Common ownership is a myth, the communist party, which represents you, owns everything…difference between theory for armchair revolutionaries like yourself and practice is different. Ask anybody from a former communist country (ever wondered why ALL east European countries went back to capitalism after the implosion of the soviet union, the mother of all communist states ? you think it was because of the wonders of communism ? So before making stupid comments, go and read a bit !

  • james warren

    I have no arrogance in accepting the fact that I am often confused. As well as racist and hypocritical. I know full well that I know very little the older I get.

    Your statement that I am a professor is plain nonsense. All you had to do was to be honest and just come out and ask me.

    If you can show me where I actually said because people marched for an idea means that everyone accepts it makes absolutely no sense to me.

    The ball is in your court. Show me the exact phrase I used to prove what you are saying.

    We live in a world of both facts AND metaphor. The world is not one thing OR the other. Truth is found in the RELATIONSHIP between the twin poles of faith & reason. Truth is what highlights the conflict between opposed ideologies. We make a major epistemological error when we claim otherwise.

  • james warren

    The world today is filled by what economists call “mixed economies.” The words socialism, capitalism, communism, etc. are bankrupt labels left over from the 19th century.

    Every government has a mixture of different economies based on a more pragmatic approach to the underlying structure of each nation based on pragmatism.

    China began with a structure of communism but then opened itself to both socialism and capitalism. America started out basically capitalist but soon turned toward a more socialist view because pure capitalism no longer worked as it once did.

    Things change. No country [such as Italy] is ALL socialist, ALL capitalist or ALL anything.

    This Byzantium emergence is a fact of life now in our global culture. The ones who still stand four-square against change and complexity will have the hardest time adjusting to the new economic realities.

  • james warren

    Logic and rationality are only two ways of looking at the world today.

    The poets, mystics and artists balance out dry academics to give voice to the creative and the diverse of the human mind.

    Today’s science of atomic physics has gone way beyond the strictures of 16th century mathematics.

  • mioahu

    Well, your comment was in response to #indivisible, but came right after my post…so i took it in the context of my post, where I said that “The
    Iran deal is just a massive undermining of US national security”, and then you commented how some iranians came out in support of the US after 9/11… i give u this one 🙂

  • mioahu

    We don’t disagree much here… But again, i can’t agree with your example …that doesn’t prove that 16th century mathematics was not correct, that still stands….logic still stands, new theories have been put forward, but they do not invalidate old mathematical theories..

  • mioahu

    From the definition of “mixed economy” (from Wikipidia)

    “In general a mixed economy is characterized by a pragmatic division of the means of production between private ownership and public ownership.
    ECONOMIC ACTIVITY , while markets are subject to varying degrees of regulatory control.”

    As I am trying in vain to explain, the only reason some socialist elements do work in a society is because of the capitalistic nature of the economy, that can afford to pay for the social elements. Pure socialism DOES NOT WORK, IT NEVER HAS, IT COLLAPSES, it is an utopian theory that does not take into account human nature. Might work with robots though…
    So you can keep pretending that you don;t get that, but it does not get clearer than that. Here is a list of countries that have tried socialism/communism :
    Nepal Afghanistan Armenia Belarus Estonia Latvia Lithuania Moldova Ukraine Georgia Aragon Albania Angola Benin Bulgaria
    Catalonia Chinese Soviet Republic Congo-Brazzaville Czechoslovakia East Germany Hungary Ethiopia (Derg) Free Territory Grenada Kampuchea Mongolia Mozambique North Korea Vietnam People’s Republic of Korea Poland Rojava
    Shinmin Romania Somalia South Yemen Soviet Union
    Yugoslavia Zapatista territories Cuba China Laos Vietnam annd Venezuela on its way
    How many are communist today ? Cuba, China, Laos , Vietnam…and Venezuale on it’s way 🙂
    Guess why.. you guessed..IT DID NOT WORK !!!!!!! and all the remaining ones are thriving economically and are examples of democracies and human rights ,,,wait, they are the opposite
    Socialist/Communits societies have to be totalitarian, because they have to ENFORCE equality on people , and because it needs to control opposition speech since it is an empty ideology. So I am still waiting for an example of a socialist economy that works. And please don’t give me another example of a CAPITALIST west european country, be honest. Da svidahnia comrade

  • james warren

    Thousands of Iranians came out in support.
    500,000 Muslims protested terrorism in the streets of London.
    Muslims quickly put up a website for donations for the destruction of the Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia and after a short time 50,000 dollars was raised.

  • james warren

    Mathematical structures within a scientific theory can change totally within a single decade:

  • james warren

    Thank you for THAT.

    Socialism does indeed work and at the same time does not work.

    As do communism, fascism, capitalism, etc.

    It is an interesting idea to characterize any form of government as ALL capitalism, ALL socialist, ALL communist, ALL Marxist.

    I guess I just still get irritated hearing that from posters like YOU.

  • james warren

    You might want to take a look at the history of nuclear weapons first. And how many near-accidents there have been that could have destroyed humankind.

    The talks between Reagan and Gorbachev are a real-world testimony to the myth that more weapons make the world safer. These two leaders were ahead of their time.

  • #Indivisible

    Communism in Marxist theory doesn’t have a brutal dictator at the top.
    NK doesn’t have Communism in theory.

    How do you not know this?

  • #Indivisible

    “demonize the one percenters”
    Who does this?

    Bring the citations that back you up.
    Do it.

    Or be known to not have a shred of credibility in anything you say.

  • #Indivisible

    We are talking about Bernie here.
    What the hell is wrong with you?

  • #Indivisible

    “”The Paris accord is just a massive wealth redistribution scheme. ”

    Get to bringing the back up for your Hannity and rightwing fossil fuel industry talking point.

    I’ll continue to wait, while you try to demonstrate a shred of legitimacy.
    Do it.

  • james warren

    Again, my wrong-hardheadedness is exposed.
    Sometimes I feel like I am brain-damaged.

    Yesterday evening my wife sent me to the store to bring back some tomatoes. I brought back potatoes instead!

  • Andy Johnson

    Double standard Democrat..In the top 1% and pays 14% in taxes. Trump pays 24-25% in taxes and Bernie said he isn’t paying his fair share. A “journalist” made a comment about Bernie’s socialist views. He said Bernie was married in Russia…and he never left. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  • Nanner

    James Warren, you are ignorant and obviously indoctrinated by the public school system because you are wrong every time you type. Critical thinking is something you never learned but you apparently excelled at spitting out talking points provided by Bernie and/or the Democratic Party.

  • james warren

    I have no problem admitting I am ignorant about many things. It’s probably the main reason I am an inveterate reader. Hey–I even have a library card!

    Look what you have written: “…you are wrong every time [I] type….”

    Really? Every single time I type? That statement is your personal opinion. And it is obviously ridiculous. You are mind-reading and making a mendacious assumption.

    Sanders’ talking points are emblematic of the same issues a majority of Americans have agreed with for many decades.

    Socialism is here to stay. Many features of our democratic republic have been built on a socialist model: police and fire, the VA. our military, our highway system, insurance pools, libraries, Social Security insurance, utilities, etc. are all socialistic.

  • james warren

    Denmark, Sweden, Norway are all thriving under democratic socialism. Why is it so difficult for us in America?

    Perhaps the most obvious reason is that most people here are overworked, underemployed, underpaid and more powerless than ever before.

    When faced by the politics of Bernie Sanders, people like you and Hillary Clinton say “We are not Denmark.”

    Here’s a longer quote:

    Smiling, she said, “I love Denmark,” and then delivered a patriotic punch line: “We are the United States of America.” Well, there’s no denying that.

    Hillary praised capitalism and “all the small businesses that were started because we have the opportunity and the freedom in our country for people to do that and to make a good living for themselves and their families.”

    Neither her nor yourself did not seem to know that Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians do that, too.

    And with much higher rates of success.

  • james warren

    Any agreement to sideline nuclear weapons in the world adds to the globe’s security.

    “We have finally built a weapon that can destroy the entire world…. Now we just have to find out where we can test it.”

    Read what happened between America and Russia when Reagan met Gorbachev in Iceland for nuclear talks.

  • mioahu

    Yeah, but Iran is no Russia…And this agreement actually facilitates them to get the nuclear bomb AFTER they secured all the technology to deliver it, which is what the agreement did, gave them money and lifted sanctions …and crippled the ability of the US to inspect iranian facilities….and in 10 years they are free to build the bomb. Why do you think I would not agree that the fewer nuclear bombs, the better ? It’s just that this deal is impotent, and does not actually do that. Why do you think all gulf states were against it 🙂 ?

  • dumbvet

    Who in hell wants to read a book written by this idiot?

  • mioahu

    Actually, yes, we are not them. They are very small compared to the US , and together have 15,000,000 people. Add to that that there is almost no diversity, they are overwhelmingly nordic protestant caucasians , and the fact that they have enormous oil resources compared to their size, and that they have no responsibility to the world, spending almost nada on defense, relying on NATO … And the fact that they are all reversing their socialistic policies , From an article about these,(there’s a link at the end)

    “Sweden’s world-beating growth rate dried up. In 1975, it had been the fourth-wealthiest nation on earth (as measured by GDP per capita); by 1993, it had dropped to 14th. By then, Swedes had begun to regard their experiment with socialism as, in Sanandaji’s phrase, “a colossal failure.”

    Denmark has come to a similar conclusion. Its lavish subsidies are being rolled back amid sharp concerns about welfare abuse and an eroding work ethic. In the last general election, Danes replaced a left-leaning government with one tilted to the right. Loving Denmark doesn’t mean loving big-government welfarism.

    The real key to Scandinavia’s unique successes isn’t socialism, it’s culture. Social trust and cohesion, a broad egalitarian ethic, a strong emphasis on work and responsibility, commitment to the rule of law — these are healthy attributes of a Nordic culture that was ingrained over centuries. In the region’s small and homogeneous countries (overwhelmingly white, Protestant, and native-born), those norms took deep root. The good outcomes and high living standards they produced antedated the socialist nostrums of the 1970s. Scandinavia’s quality of life didn’t spring from leftist policies. It survived them.”

    See a full article about your socialist utopias here:

  • mioahu

    “Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.” Bernie Sanders
    and if you want more, here:

    Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US economy requires a “toppling” of the wealthiest 1%, according to a New York Times report published Tuesday.

    “You didn’t build that !” Obama …

    This are just few of the most memorable one :-), for those who have memory

  • mioahu

    Well then, watch and learn…at least i bring arguments, you just say nothing 🙂 typical

  • mioahu

    Hilarious, NK doesn’t have communism IN THEORY… THAT”S THE PROBLEM WITH COMMUNISM, IT”S JUST BAD THEORY ! Well they don’t have dictators cause they are utopias, and are a complete ideological failure. That would have been stupid to promote equality by proposing a dictatorship 🙂 … But the theory does not work, because we deal with humans not with Robots. Equality is only achievable by ENFORCING IT …otherwise , humans given the chance, will behave differently and accumulate wealth at different rates, so you have to keep people down. When everybody gets paid same salary, do you think there’s any incentive to work or to be creative ? The only way to keep them equal is to enforce it through a dictatorship “of the people”, where there are no property rights, no bank accounts, no freedom of speech, no legal recourse, no dissent or different political opinions.. doesn’t that sound familiar, like all the communist states we know ? why do you think that is ? Despite your childrens book about marxist tehories ? Cause that’s reality , and the former is THEORY !!!! How do you don;’t know all this ?

  • mioahu

    Well, goes bit ways buddy, armchairs socialists like you irritate the hell out of me.

  • mioahu

    I don’t see how this book makes the point. It’s about paradigm shifts, while you were talking about the strictures of 16th century mathematics, which pretty much still stand 🙂

  • Joseph Baxter

    What do you expect? He is such a wimp and loser he endorsed Hillary who he knew stole the nomination from him. He did not even complain about the thief. What a dumb ass!

  • #Indivisible

    You seem unhinged.

    Why don’t you find a Marxist somewhere to rant like a lunatic at?

    If you want to explain your unwitting support for Corporate Socialism, and have me point out the economic market failure you ignorantly approve of I can certainly do that.

    If you are intellectually honest, that is.
    Let me know.

  • #Indivisible

    You bring Bjorn Lomborg opinion.

    You don’t have any thoughts of your own that back up your fossil approved talking point.
    Who do you think you’re kidding?
    When you can speak to your assertions on your own, let us know.

  • #Indivisible

    A moral and political war against Corporate Fascism and Socialism for the rich is “demonizing” to donor class toady punks like you?

    You pathetic snowflake.

    Clinton said the economy required a “toppling” of the wealthiest 1 percent, according to several people who were briefed on her policy discussions but could not discuss private conversations for attribution?

    So no proof she said that?
    Got it.

    And Obama saying “you didn’t build that”?
    Do you even know what that meant, in context?

    Is there any one in the donor class you won’t blow, you pathetic toady?

  • #Indivisible

    No worries my Friend.
    You can still get to the store?
    I’m still walking and talking!
    Every day is a blessing.
    Jah Bless! :))

  • mioahu

    You are a moral idiot. So calling these people Corporate fascists is not waging war ? Dismantling the top 1 percent is not waging war ?
    Do you know people with a small business that make $389,436 are considered 1 percenters ? But they didn’t build that according to Hussein. Probably you didn’t build anything, as is the case with all the leftist idiots…held a teaching or government job all their lives, don’t know how to build or run a business, and envy the ones who can.
    In context, what Obama said was that people did not build their own business, but it was the teachers and people who build the highways and everybody else who built your business.. typical leftist socialist hypocrite. He’ll be considered one of the worst presidents of all time, and we have Trump to dismantle all his leftist wet dreams.
    As is usually the case, you have no arguments and just call people names. It is called projection, you brainwashed communist !

  • mioahu

    What’s wrong with Bjorn Lomborg ? Now we have to be original ? Did you do all the research about fossil fuels yourself ? Did you come up with the theory of anthropogenic global warming (ahem, climate change, cause it’s not warming :-)) ? wow, impressive …You pathetic hypocrite…but actually you had no original ideas in any of your posts….
    Good to know that all the thoughts you spit out are your own.. Now I know for sure what an imbecile you are AHAHAHHAHA, you are not just a braindead drone doing the late night comedians talking points, all those marvels come straight from your damaged brain. Well done COMRADE

  • mioahu

    Hey, idiot, did you read anything I wrote ? Nice avoiding all the facts about your beloved ideology. But leftists don’t think , they learn talking points. Please point out the market failure I approve of, you idiot. The communism that you comrade approved of failed everywhere.. you guys are so stupid and indoctrinated that no facts will even matter, even after ALL communist regimes imploded ! So please, show me the market failure that capitalism is, compared to communism. Idiot.

  • BikeIce

    No not really. The VA? Are you joking?? That “single payer” Socialist sickness care system has been abusing and killing vets from the git go.The roads in this country are falling apart, the utilities are gouging us, insurance “pools” are not stopping huge increases in premiums and everything else except the military including these government boondoogles could be managed 100X more efficiently at greater cost-savings if privatized to the free market.What you Socialists don’t get is incentive. Socialism kills it. When you do that………you get lazy workers who have no incentive to work hard because they have a government protected job and guarnateed paycheck. Look no further than the incredibly inefficient, slow moving, poor service post office. My father was a postmaster and he could NOT fire one worker no matter how poor his job performance was because of “civil service’ rules. Of course the hypocrite Bernie gets it now………he’s one of the millionaire 1% ers.”Good businessman Socialist” is an oxymoron.Is he going to continue to lecture us on why we should give up our hard earned money to government crooks like him for the “greater good?”

  • Nanner

    Not if real American’s stand up and say no, as they did with this last election. If you are so enthralled and believe in socialism, there are many countries that currently live under that mindset, why not move there? America fought to be free of that and will always fight for our freedoms. Since this is the ONLY country with the freedoms we enjoy, leave it alone and move to where your beliefs and ideologies are already the government rule. You need to understand your examples are making the point for capitalism. VA: a mess, military: not a true example as it’s main focus is protecting and fighting for our way of least it coming back to that. Under Obama’s rule, you would be right,. Highway system: one of the original reason’s for formation of a government and they have done a very poor job, insurance pools: OMG, you obviously read nothing but liberal propaganda, libraries: no competition so we will give you that one, social security: another government mess that government keeps stealing from, utilities: you mean water and sewer? The infrastructure for most municipalities has been neglected for years, even though costs have continually increased. The current need to rebuild is, AS ALWAYS when government is in control, with the costs being passed on, again, to taxpayers. Either you cannot read or you CHOSE to read nothing but socialist dribble. You are America’s problem James Warren. Please find another country that more suite your indoctrination.

  • james warren

    I don’t get irritated at your politics. I get irritated at the way you EXPRESS your politics.

    There is no need for fear or recrimination. There are good human beings on both sides. And using words like ALL, NO ONE, NEVER, ALWAYS, etc. are jejune and basically useless.

  • james warren

    The Newtonian paradigm was replaced by particle physics in the 1920s.

    “Entanglements” and the “Heisenberg Principle” are just two rules which have no place in classical, Newtonian physics.

    We no longer exist in a “clock-works” universe.

    When we go out into the night sky, the light from the stars we see left its source aeons ago. We are actually and truly living in a different universe.

  • james warren

    From the Veterans Today website:

    Just so you know, I am extremely honored to give my money for Veterans. It makes so much more sense than telling someone “Thankyouforyourservice.”

    Veterans express their concern that history NOT repeat itself:

    Veterans of WWI were spun into Communist and Socialist insurgents by a U.S. Congress and President when they simply marched on Washington to express a need for jobs (employment), and anger at a government that failed to KEEP PROMISES.

    History repeats itself. Same old story.

    “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”
    –George Santayana

  • james warren

    I am not enthralled by ANY man-made system.
    I have been blessed by being able to see and recognize all sides of an issue.
    Truth does not reside in one system or the other.
    Truth is what highlights the conflict between opposed ideologies.
    It is found in the relationship between two sides.

    I have been to Europe four times. I visited Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. I asked questions and then I LISTENED.
    I learned a lot–mainly how ignorant I was about socialism in the modern world.

  • james warren

    Don’t forget the 10 year mark. Obama told us.

  • james warren

    So the corporations built our highway system?
    Our police and fire protection?
    Our legal system to enforce business contracts?

    Uh, they did not build those.

  • james warren

    Fascism was defined by Benito Mussolini, the first modern fascist and the dictator of Italy.

    Fascism is the union of big business and government.


  • james warren

    Me, like Sanders, am rigorously honest when looking within. I admit to all my faults and find the truth in all criticism. In fact, I live the sort of life that delights in having my comfortable little rug ripped out from underneath me.

    Sanders and the rest of us are able to do a fearless and searching moral inventory of ourselves and be accountable for our shortcomings.

    I notice that you hardly ever admit you are wrong.

    That is a telling fact.

  • BikeIce

    Don’t call Sweden a “Socialist” nation. They will vehemently deny that. They will tell you they are a Capitalist country with Socialist policies. Norway is totally Capitalist with most all their revenue coming from oil sales. OMG! The horror of it all……….polluting the air with carbon dioxide.

    Denmark? Yeah that’s Socialist country. But the working class pay around 60 -70+% of their hard earned income in Taxes to support all the massive social spending programs. and everyone else who works or doesn’t work. So what is the incentive here? Why it’s to stop working, or work less hard or less hours or all three because you’re going to receive a pittance of what you deserve.

    Meritocracy be damned………its all for the “greater good” which is really Communism as that is one of Marx’s Communist Manifesto Planks. You see Socialism is just Communism light……………the ruling elite at the top still live high on the hog while the rest of the working class is held down at the point of a gun to “pay their taxes.” It’s “legalized”: theft….period!

    But Bernie the “Socialist/Communist” can buy 3 houses and make over a million dollars this year………and live like a king while feeding the rest of us his Socialist paradise lies. What a frickin’ lying hypocrite!!

  • james warren

    Terms like capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism are all bankrupt labels left over from the 19th century. They are subject to both fact and interpretation.

    Every day before dawn, brave men and women of different races and backgrounds rise as one, united by a common cause.

    They march together in formation, kept in step by their voices joined in song.

    These workers leave their communal housing arrangements and go toil together “in the field.”

    While they are out doing their day’s labor, their young are cared for in subsidized childcare programs.

    If they hurt themselves on the job, they can count on universal health care.

    Right under your nose, on the fenced-in bases you drive past on your way to work or see on the TV news, a successful experiment in socialist collectivization has been going on for years.

    By the by,

    Paul Ryan’s net worth is $7.8 billion. His salary is $17,000 a year.

    Never gone without a pay raise for himself, Sen. Mitch McConnell quadrupled his net worth on the backs of hardworking Kentuckians that can’t afford it.” He has an average net wealth of $22.8 million–which puts him well above the Senate average.

    $169,363,061 is the net worth of Mitt Romney.

    So tell us more about Sanders’ net worth.

  • mioahu

    I hope you lefties do a good introspection of all the hate you did spew and all the violence you brew since this president got elected, everything you guys did is despicable, culminating with the shooting of the republican congressmen today. So be very honest when looking within

  • james warren

    The common capitalist mantra that “anyone can be rich if they work hard enough” is a fallacy. There’s only so much room at the top. In order to make money, first you have to take it from someone else. This can be done through selling things, taxation or any other means. But this means that the rich cannot exist without the poor. Any way you look at it, there’s never going to be equality under capitalism.

    America has become a society where resources are not evenly distributed so there is always going to be the wealthy who have an excess of resources. Millions of dollars worth of food is wasted by those who have more than they need, while there are many others who desperately need it.

    Under capitalism, the profit motive is far greater than altruism. If people are worried about what’s in their own pocket, they will avoid helping their fellow human beings because they’re concentrating on looking after themselves.

    Especially if the poor, the homeless and minorities are looked down on.

    Capitalism is also heir to periodic collapses in the market, which destabilize the economy for years on end.

  • mioahu

    Yeah, great one Pocahontas. Play with words, like you lefties do.
    As if you don’t know that fascism has a bad connotation, and that merely meaning that the corporations are in bed with the government
    is not what comrade Bernie meant…Global Warming .. wait, not warming…let’s come up with something else where we lefties can have it both ways…Changing the meaning of words and inventing new terms (like progressive when communist is discredited) is a great feature of the left (oh, and rewriting history)
    Actually, here is the definition :
    Fascism /?fæ??z?m/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism,[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce
    And it has pretty much no difference in outcome than communism.
    They all end up as dictatorships, suppressing all opposition, and controlling and / or all aspects of economy. Here you go, you fascist (i don’t mean anything bad, just that you like big government and taking over of industries and commerce by that government)

  • james warren
  • mioahu

    Yeah, keep saying that commie, and dream in your socialist echo chamber that because a society agrees that the government has some functions that it needs to perform , and be paid for by all (well, most) citizen , that is somehow socialism. You keep contradicting yourself again and again, since you dug your logical grave by enumerating the tenets of socialism…which none of the above mentioned government functions have. According to your moronic logic (or lack of thereof), any society that is not anarchy is a socialist society (because if there is a government, it will perform some function, therefore voila .. socialism ). Logic not one of your strengths 🙂

  • james warren

    To say that only one group–progressives–is hateful and despicable is just as ignorantly silly as asserting another group–conservatives–is hateful and despicable.

    When we get mired in black/white, either/or thinking we miss the overall narrative.

    If you think about what you are posting, you will know what I am trying to communicate to you.

    It’s common sense but when we hate it becomes a toxic blindness. If I find myself not liking a person, I say to myself that “I have got to know this person better.” I really doubt that something like this has ever occurred to you.

    “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make them your friend.”
    –Abraham Lincoln

    “If you go looking for the bad in a man–expecting to find it–you surely will.”
    –Abraham Lincoln

  • james warren

    Name-calling and jejune mockery.

    You and the president operate from a deep, dank abyss of rage, bluster and dangerous emotionalism. You are as yet unable to form opinions based on evidence, data and facts.

    Here is proof that supports Mussolini’s definition of fascism:

    I have no problem with government that inspects our food, that allows children with heart problems to have free medical care, that keeps an eye on clean air and water, that allows for parks and wilderness areas.

  • james warren

    You are as yet unable to reach the stage where you can leave all your childish insults behind.

    We need to teach our children to fully feel their emotions, name what they are and learn to express them like an adult.

    Joe Wilson was the congressman who let loose with the childish epithet “YOU LIE” and interrupted the president’s State of the Union address.

    When forced to apologize, Wilson said “I think I let my emotions get the better of me.”


  • mioahu

    Did you even read that article, or you have some bookmarks shared by your lefties ?

    1) first fact : the article says that the deal aims at extending the time it will take them to make a bomb….so they will still get it, and in the meantime have lots of money to support international terrorism and legally buy technology that will allow them to build ICBM’s …
    2) SOME of the facilities have 24 hours monitoring (like ONE facility). the others may need 24 DAYS before inspectors are allowed in. And article says some experts disagree that that’s enough, lost of stuff can be hidden in 24 days if you know you need to be prepared to hide it
    3) Article agrees that anytime/anywhere monitoring is NOT achieved, and that only DECLARED sites are subject.
    4. Article says that the deal will give access to Iran to billions of dollars , on day one (which they can use to further support terrorism, and legally buy all the goodies for making the bad stuff, which were forbidden before the deal)
    5. The article agrees that if Iran does cheats and does not abide, the sanctions won’t be reinstated
    6. Even if the deal falls through, because of the long time of negotiation and actions taken during those negotiations, most sanctions by other countries won’t come back…

    SO DID YOU POST THIS TO PROVE MY POINT ? THANKS ! As I said, logic not your strongest feature.

  • mioahu

    PROJECTION, Pocahontas. Those are all features of your beloved left. All the rage, bluster, and dangerous emotionalism come from the left. Need I say more than ANTIFA, all the stupid celebrities with their hateful rants, the violent demonstrations at colleges, the marches denigrating the president, the comedians being hateful and deeply disrespectful, yeah, we all know where the hate and rage are, and they are in the hearts of leftists, because one unifying feature of the left is victimhood, and when you think you are a victim you are enraged, blaming everybody but yourself. All the violence we have seen recently all comes from your side… like the leftist who shot the republican congressmen today….And here you go again with your watered down bullcrap definition of socialism, platitudes, since you know exactly that’s not what the people’s problem with government is. Still trying pitifully to sustain an argument that you lost long ago. But i know you admit when you are wrong,,, just you never are …

  • mioahu

    Of course they are not hateful and despicable, many are nice people, who irresponsibly support a despicable ideology. Most german people were nice….and we all know where it ended. You can be a nice person and a moral idiot who supports destructive ideas.So I have nothing against you, but against your destructive ideology. The media , the leftist politicians, the artists , and generally the lefties who painted these president as a hateful fascist , a despicable human being that must be resisted by all means , they (and you) have created the toxic blindness that blinds you, with your hate of this man
    and of his supporters. We don’t hate you, we think you are ill informed and wrong for the direction of the country, but your side HATES us. So please get off your moral high horse, cause it’s been dead for a long time, and open your eyes as you preach every time, and look into yourself and people like you. And if you go looking for the hate, you will find it

  • mioahu

    Of course , all the leftist talking points with ZERO logic or facts, ideological garbage.
    1. You don’t need to be at the top in a developed society. All people are better off in a developed society, and the fact that you have to take from somebody else to be better off is one of the communist finite pie idiocies. Who is worst off because Apple has created an enormous amount of wealth ? WHAT POOR PEOPLE DID THEY NEED TO CREATE THAT WEALTH ? WHOM DID THEY STEAL FROM ? Thing is, you lefties envy the wealth creators, and would rather all be poor than some having more than you, even if you have a decent life.
    2. Yeah, my point, a society that works and creates excess, as opposed to your commie dreams where EVERYBODY starves. Equal rights, not equal outcome is what freedom means. Poor people in america are far better off than equal people of communist regimes, and of most countries of the world actually.
    The only way to enforce equality is through dictatorship , which leads to everybody being poor.. check with the russians, the east germans, romanians, bulgarians, albanians etc.. i did, so i know…you obviously lack seriously in understanding the conditions in which people live in your dream society.
    3. AHAHHAH, SOOOO Wrong… FACT: conservatives donate WAY more to charity than lefties/liberals . Religious people donate far more and help other people than non religious ones (which most lefties tend to be ).. If you expect the government to help your fellow, like lefties do, you are most likely not going to help.
    4. COMMUNISM IS HEIR TO PERMANENT COLLAPSE, EVERY TIME ! So i will take the periodic collapses of capitalism.
    So, yet again a bunch of talking points, that are easily destroyed with just a bit of logic

  • mioahu

    He lied

  • mioahu

    Those are theories in physics. They don’t go beyond the strictness of 16 century mathematics as you said in your post. They use higher mathematics that rely on those 16th century mathematics, which are still as true as they were. Truth is truth, can’t change that. Can evolve higher truths. Particle Physics was designed logically and using rationale 🙂 Entanglements are indeed beyond logic and rationale (and there is no explanation), but they are not part of the theory, they are observations that the theory can’t explain, so there you have a point…but again, i am just commenting on your post about mathematics, i think you meant something different.

  • Randy

    What in the world are you talking about………..a military base or a prison? Kibbutz’s in Israel? This is the best example of Socialism you can come up with?? “Communal (Communist) housing arrangements” which is code for small cramped apartments………….wow that sounds really appealing! I’m sure Americans would really work hard to achieve that goal.

    “Universal health care”………..we have that with the VA system and it has been a disaster.for 50+ years courtesy of government mismanagement, waste, indifference, inadequate funding and incompetent and careless leaders. this is the “univeral health care” you want?

    What part of Socialism/Communism do you not get? It’s an evil form of government whose sole purpose is to CONTROL the masses while the “leaders” economically rape the country. The USSR threw it off. China privatized much of its industry and opened up to Capitalism and it is the number one economy in the world. We’ve fiddled around with massive government interference, regulations, bureaucracy and Socialist programs that have created massive debt.

    Capitlalism is freedom to chose what your life path is and the rewards that come from your own efforts.

    Socialism/Communism is rule by force with the taking away of liberties.

    No these terms are not “left over” from years gone by……….they are used to describe countries all over the world…….and you have yet to come up with one “Socialist” nation except Denmark, which as more anti-deprressants prescribed than over here.. Now why would that be if Socialism is such a Nirvana as you describe it. This country will eventually collapse when the worker bees figure out they can always vote themselves more benefits at the expense of everyone (ie higher and higher taxes).This is a recipe for collapse.

    So because every other Congress critter is richer than Bernie, that makes him less of a Capitalist? Less of a one per cent’er? No that just makes him a crappier businessman.

    Of course all of these Congress crittiers are pigs at the trough……….but so is Bernie.He’s just catching on to the game late in life after never having a real job in his entire life (except when he wrote pornographic stories). He’s only worth a few million so that makes him a good little

    You liberals live in a fantasy world. There never has been and never will be a Socialist/Communist country that can compete with Capitalism in terms of financial success,
    individual freedoms achievements.

  • Nanner

    And yet you still support it. I do not buy that you believe any of the “sayings” you have written above. If you actually listened you would not be in support of their way of life. Additionally, listening is not enough, you have to be able to critical think and apply what you heard/learned to how it would work in America, a country who WORKS for a living and FIGHTS for its freedoms. In most European countries their people FIGHT so they do not have to work. As Mioahu has tried to share with you, eventually the money runs out in socialist countries. The workers get tired of supporting the non-workers. I suggest you return and visit again, especially those areas of Europe now filled with refugees, but first, learn how to apply what you see and hear.

  • Nanner

    See, there you go James. You REFUSE to listen and learn anything that is not your belief. Look up belief, maybe then you will understand why President Trump was talking about you as a low information voter. He is right. As was James Hodgkinson a low information voter.

  • #Indivisible

    You’re increasingly angry bluster and ad hom is almost unhinged and is very telling here.

    You approve of the market failure. that is the fossil fuel energy monopoly business model that consists, since it’s inception (over 100 years) of Socializing the real Costs of their waste dumping onto the populace and the property and environment of property owners and the Commons.
    You support that massive market failure… and I can prove it by asking you a couple simple yes/no policy questions.

    I never approved of any “Communism” since Marxist Communism has never been demonstrated anywhere to approve of.

    From here on out, all your “communism” bluster is a non sequitur and a deflection from your support of market failure and Corporate Socialism of Externalities.

    Low Oil Prices Are History’s Greatest Case of Market Failure

  • #Indivisible

    You can bring his opinion.
    But you have to be able to speak to it.

    Legitimacy is important.

    Assertions such as “cause it’s not warming” makes you look unhinged and foolish.
    Because even Lomborg doesn’t say it isn’t getting warmer, because he isn’t so stupid as to continue with that nonsense.
    Why are you?

    Legitimacy is important.
    You have to become more informed.
    You got work to do.

  • #Indivisible

    “held a government job all their lives, ”
    Paul Ryan comes to mind.
    He took SS payments as a kid too.

    Do you think he should get a real job?

  • #Indivisible

    ” He’ll be considered one of the worst presidents of all time, ”


    Not true.
    The books are being written.
    And that will never be anything but an unhinged Obama hater lie, spewed from angry, and willfully ignorant folks such as you.
    Pro tip-
    You and the lying, namecalling,unhinged haters will never have any legitimacy if associated with that nonsense.

  • #Indivisible

    Small business and it’s customers get to use all the infrastructure that came before it, including things like the govt. developed Interstates, State rds, water, sewer, police, courts, and the govt. developed internet.

    Only willfully ignorant Fox watchin’ morans went unhinged over that very real truth Obama spoke to.

    Legitimacy is important.

    You need to demonstrate some.

  • #Indivisible

    Poor 1% snowflakes have to fight a “War” now?
    You already enlisted to fight for them, we can see!

    I’m sure you’ll take the side of the Corporate Fascists that hand off ALEC legislation along with their campaign donations.
    The very definition of Corporate Fascism.

    The United States of ALEC: Bill Moyers on the Secretive Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws

  • james warren

    I’ll give you this:
    At least your side treated President Obama with fairness, respect and decency. Just as you do with your posts on this forum.

    After living in your van at the YMCA, I am sure you have a lot to express.

  • james warren

    At times I lie as well.

  • james warren

    When you get so tired and depressed from living in your van near the YMCA, you will still have plenty of hate and rage that do not do this good nation any good at all.

  • james warren

    I freely and honestly I admit to my errors and ignorance. You have not been paying attention. I am transparent and open-minded and have no fear of looking within.

  • james warren

    Now that you have been caught in a linguistic trap where you have no alternative but to be commonsensical and honest, you have finally reached the stage that you are able to admit many people are nice people. We would like to hear more of that from you.
    Get your weapons out of your van and join the rest of us. Don’t keep trying to obstruct justice of the human heart.

  • james warren

    So the evidence is in…

    Does trickle down economics work?

    George H.W. Bush called it “voodoo economics.”

    Let’s look beyond talking points to the actual data:

    Cutting taxes for the 2% does not affect economic growth. Period.

    Neither does it improve economic growth.

    Nor does it lead to job creation.

    Any attempt to stimulate economic growth by cutting taxes for the rich will do nothing — it hasn’t worked over the past 50 years, so why would it work in the future?

    To put it simply and bluntly, the conservatives’ hysterical fixation on taking care of corporations and supporting a top-bracket tax cut is an ineffective attempt at stimulus that will not cause any growth.

    Unless, of course, if you’re talking about the size of the deficit.

  • james warren

    Why do you get so irritated?

  • james warren

    So because you believe someone lied gives you carte blanche to yell out like an unhappy toddler?

    Wilson was wrong and got an official censure from all members of congress.

    –Several fact-checking organizations wrote that Wilson’s views were inaccurate because HR 3200 expressly excludes undocumented aliens from receiving government-subsidized “affordability credits.”

    Graceful and thoughtful as ever, President Obama said “I’m a big believer that we all make mistakes”, he said. “He [Wilson]apologized quickly and without equivocation and I’m appreciative of that.”
    Not that Democrats do not make mistakes. “We ALL make mistakes,” the president said.

  • james warren

    That’s what causes entire frameworks in science to collapse.
    We have a baseline theory, but everything we discover that does not comport with that theory, we toss it out the back door. Because it does not fit.
    But sooner or later that pile in the back yard becomes more compelling and persuasive than we thought. And that’s when our sacred theories of knowledge “flips” to a brand new paradigm.
    Both Copernicus and Galileo effectively challenged Christian dogma and beliefs based on their theories.

  • james warren

    Capitalism is heir to all sorts of economic breakdown and income inequality.

    Remember, things change.

    It’s rather silly to insist that forms of government and economic organization are permanent.

    History tells a different story.

    75 examples of how American socialism has helped this nation:

  • james warren

    Seeing everything in rational and logical formulations narrows our perception.
    Science has posited a left brain and a right brain.
    The American eagle on the Presidential Seal shows that in its right claw, it is holding a garland representing peace. In its left claw it holds a bundle of arrows.
    I intend to give equal attention to both.
    No evidence as yet that Iran is disallowing inspectors in their facilities.

  • james warren

    Conservatives say if you don’t give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they’ve lost all incentive because we’ve given them too much money. ….

  • james warren

    I support anything that works. But nothing works efficiently and elegantly.
    People change, governments change.
    Don’t be afraid of change. Stand fast. Don’t be a victim.

  • james warren
  • james warren

    Nice dodge, but ultimately silly and blatantly self-serving. After Trump lewdly bragged about grabbing women by their genitals, I no longer supported him and saw him for what he is.
    Read the quote in context. I was not at the Nevada rally. I was working in the garden.
    You are twisting the truth and the shame is that you know it full well.

  • mioahu

    What you commies don’t understand is the difference between “EARN” and “RECEIVE FOR FREE”. You don’t give the “rich” more money comrade (typical communist thinking), cause it is not yours ! you let them keep more of the money they earned, you stop stealing from people who earned and give to people that won’t work. Stop doing leftist word bending 🙂

  • mioahu

    That’s what I thought, you didn’t read it, you posted an article that actually proves you wrong. But then you always contradict yourself.

  • mioahu

    So why is he not legitimate ? He is former director of the Danish government’s Environmental Assessment Institute in Copenhagen !!!! Want more leftist than that 🙂 ?
    how about the leading climatologist from MIT, Lindzen ? More Legitimacy ? PLEASE !!!! Leftist drone talking to me about being informed, hilarious. And yes, they don’t say it’s not getting warmer , they say idiots like you want to bankrupt the western world for no good reason. And that’s what the discussion is about, leftist using the global warming pretense to redistribute wealth, to increase Taxation.

  • mioahu

    Nice does not mean anything. Most germans were nice people . Many people like you , nice, with nice intentions, supported the communist revolutions, throwing those countries in decades of economic misery and tyranny. ..nice people like you tolerate the violence coming from their side … and support ideas and ideologies that will hurt their children future…The sadness of the left is that it has no wisdom, and it does not value the truth. It has some knowledge, flawed as it may be, but it is totally devoid of wisdom. There is an old saying : ” The way to Hell is paved with good intentions”. And while you think you are on your moral high horse , saying things implying I live in a van does not make you better than me saying you are a moral idiot :-), which I am saying . I don’t hate you, i hate your ideology and i thing you are an useful idiot, that’s all.

  • mioahu

    Cause your stupid ideology ruined entire countries and lives for decades and yet you still support it despite all the proof that it does not work and that it destroys everything it touches.. that’s all

  • mioahu

    nice avoiding all my points, and blaming it on society as the left usually does.

  • mioahu

    Are you kidding me ? you compare how Obama was treated with how Trump is treated ? And yes, blame his actions on society, like you leftists always do

  • mioahu

    Yeah, most big business is leftist, if you didn’t figure that out by now.
    And I do not care about ALEC and your conspiracy theories, i care about fighting the war against the left who is trying to destroy this country, and you are their useful idiot 🙂

  • mioahu

    Which was all paid with the money of other small businesses taxed by the government, and developed by other small businesses. So yes, small business build everything , cause be sure government didn’t directly employ the people who did the work on the roads 🙂 , sewers, courts. You keep mentioning the word legitimacy in your posts, you must like it, but i guess you don’t really understand what it means.
    OH, and please, Al gore developed the internet…. So in your moronic logic, nobody built anything 🙂 great thinking commie

  • mioahu

    HAhahahha, you are hilarious. Legitimacy is important.. isn’t that your standard favorite phrase, meaning nothing ? So it is your opinion that he was great, and mine that he was a failure. But I can give you proof a) he drew the red line shamefully cowered when the line was crossed in syria
    b) he betrayed the NATO allies by rolling back a deal that would have provided them with defense systems against Russia
    c) he stood by when Russia invaded Crimea and Ukraine
    d) he didn’t support the military regime in Egypt leading to the takeover by the muslim brotherhood
    e) he supported strikes in Syria which led to the fall of Gaddafi and plunged Libya into civil war, failed statehood and ISIS breeding ground
    f) he withdrew troop from Irak leading to the takeover by ISIS of major territory and atrocities
    g) he made the IRAN deal which gives them lots of money and does not stop them from getting a nuclear weapon
    h) he signed the Paris accord, which will bankrupt the US while achieving nothing for the climate
    i) he created ObamaCare which is imploding
    j) he used the race card repeatedly, leading to the worst race relations in this country in decades
    and i can go on and on
    Legitimacy you say ? ROFL

  • mioahu

    maybe he should

  • mioahu

    Markets fail and recover. Communism fails and never recovers, killing millions meanwhile, completely destroying countries. Look at eastern europe. I’ll take the markets, pretty logical (maybe not for a commie).
    So you are a marxist communist, not just a communist. Nice angle. The problem with that is that all societies implode BEFORE they get to marxist communism, which is a utopian society. To get there they have to survive the realities of communism which they have to go through before reaching marxism, and none have done so yet. But with bright people like yourself, who knows. Go East !

  • james warren

    I have no idea what all communists think or don’t think. I would not venture to say so on the basis of “because I said so” or because “I think it is true.”

    I would have to have actual statistics, facts and evidence to claim anything about communists.

    Capitalism is failing because of income inequality–among other things. There are so many flaws in capitalism that it’s not even funny.

    It allows politicians and business interests collaborate to subvert the economic interests of the majority of citizens.

    It favors short-run profit planning over long-run investment planning

    Capitalism should have regulations regarding product quality, safety, truth in advertising, and anti-competitive behavior.

    There is no surprise that many of today’s generation sees different economies as pragmatic responses to cultural changes.

    They have not been set up to respond with hysteria to words like “socialism” or “communist.”

    Boo! You are under attack from all sides!

  • james warren

    Yes, I contradict myself. I contain multitudes. Your inclusion of the word “always,” however is nonsense.

    No one does ANYTHING “always.”

  • james warren

    Germany was rabidly ANTI-communist. The Nazi leaders needed the people to focus on a common enemy. That’s why they blamed the Reichstadt fire on a “communist.”

    Hitler started off as a little-known right-wing politician in Bavaria. But he knew how people were and knew how to take advantage of them.

    “The streets of our country are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might. And the republic is in danger. Yes! danger from within and without. We need law and order! Without law and order our nation cannot survive.”

    –Hitler, 1932

    “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy.

    “All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

    –Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

  • mioahu

    Dude, you are HILARIOUS. This is yet another post where you prove my point, OMG, please, stop the bloodshed, stop sabotaging your own arguments…it’s becoming boring … it’s like we both fight against you AHAHAHHA.
    So you are just making my point that most people are good, and can be led down the wrong path by an evil ideology in which they are duped to believe..thus becoming useful idiots … like you and the leftists. OMG, i think I don’t need to post anymore, your replies are doing my work.

  • mioahu

    Yeah, you contain multitudes of contradictions. Hell, you might be an indivisible contradiction . You ALWAYS contradict yourself. well, almost ALWAYS 🙂 ..ok, give you this one

  • mioahu

    You are too funny. You say capitalism is failing when the only thing failing is ALL socialist and communist states. See, you want to have a decent discussion, but keep repeating the same leftist garbage without looking at the evidence. I wasted enough time talking to selfcontradictory idiots, sayonara, and please, have the last word so it does not seem that you lost this and all other arguments.. again…

  • james warren

    Next time, simply say that you disagree with me on the subject of socialism.

    In other words, we have a difference of opinion.

    Calling my beliefs a “stupid ideology” is not helpful in any adult discussion. It’s disrespectful and cruel at worst and immature and silly at best.

    As far as “ruining ENTIRE countries,” let’s go to facts and data instead of emotional disrespect.

    So according to you, socialism destroys “EVERYTHING” it touches.

    But this is not true.

    Words like “everything,” “always,” “never,” “no one” and similar adverbs are useless for conveying radical opinions.

    Remember, even insurance pools are socialistic. We agree to pay premiums so that we ourselves–or anyone else–can pay for situations when life goes awry.

    Fire departments are paid for by taxes. No matter whose property burns, we are all protected. Same as police.

  • james warren

    Wrong EVERY TIME I type.
    Your ability to guess at my motives and read my mind is a profound gift.

    First though, show me talking points provided by Bernie or the Democratic Party. Cut and paste the evidence from my own posts.

    Don’t get emotional–get factual and evidence-based. Look at and provide the real data as proof of your opinions and interpretations.

  • james warren

    I am enthralled with things that work. And, to be blunt, socialism works just fine in this country.

    Here are 75 ways that socialism has improved America:

    Read them carefully and critically, one at a time. Engage with your intellect, not with your emotions.

  • james warren

    I have said many, many times that at least you folks treated Obama with decency, respect and fairness.

  • james warren

    The majority of people who visit the grocery store end up putting their empty cart into the racks in the parking lot.

    Most people are good and want to do the right thing.

    You can certainly use any excuse to stop reading my posts. I can gripe about your lack of factual proof for your claims until **** freezes over.

    I am just happy that I can be both truthful and honest.

  • james warren

    I try to speak the truth. It’s not always easy for me.

  • james warren

    Nothing is perfect. No government system devised by men is perfect.

    Parts of capitalism ARE failing. Parts of communism, socialism, progressiveness are failing too. And, at the same time, they are all succeeding.

    How can that be, you ask?

    I think the reason most people are unaware of this is because it has happened already. Since we only see reality at 24 frames a second, we miss the larger picture.

    Things are much more complex than we realize. What we see is only an infinitesimal part of the whole.

  • james warren

    As with any complex political idea, socialism means different things to different people.

    But there are core concepts in socialist politics that are easy to identify, including
    (1) worker control over the nature and conditions of their work;
    (2) collective ownership of the major capital assets of the society, the means of production; and
    (3) an egalitarian distribution of the wealth of a society.

    Obama has never argued for such principles, and in fact consistently argues against them, as do virtually all politicians who are visible in mainstream U.S. politics.

    This is hardly surprising, given the degree to which our society is dominated by corporations, the primary institution through which capitalism operates.

  • james warren

    People earn money and pay taxes so we can pay for our system. Our military, police and fire departments, utilities, insurance pools, Social Security insurance, emergency room visits, our highway system, etc.

    We receive for free the benefits of socialism. We don’t have to pay the fire department for putting out our own fires. Everyone pays in and everybody benefits.

  • james warren

    “[ My campaign supporters] were mean, nasty and vicious.”
    –Donald J. Trump

  • BikeIce

    Dream on Socialist lover. It has NEVER worked and never will. You have YET to site one country where Socialism is creating wealthier, happier and more productive people. Sooner or later, the not-so-benevolent government will run out of taxing revenue (legalized theft of other people’s money) and it will crash. It is a system that rewards mediocrity and frankly…….laziness. Why work hard or at all if the government will give you free stuff (food, housing, sickness care etc.) Those that are pulling the wagon become less and less motivated, as the wagon fills up with all the government sponsored and paid for dependents. That is exactly what government wants and allows them to maintain CONTROL and POWER over the serfs. You cannot even see the evilness of that……it is mind boggling how naive you are..

  • BikeIce

    The Socialist programs FDR and LBJ (SS and MC) put in motion to created government dependent slaves are both bankrupt. There is no “Social Security lockbox.” Its filled with IOU’s (Federal Reserve “Notes.”) A note is an instrument of DEBT. DEBT is what the banksters and government use to keep the flock enslaved……….to the tune of $20 Trillion in government debt, $1 Trillion in student loan debt, several trillion in home mortgage debt, trillions more in corporate debt and almost a trillion in credit card debt. Now how do those notes get paid? By the worker bees going to their job, earning money and being TAXED, which goes up every year as more taxes are instituted by Congress (think Bozocare which the Supremes ruled was a “tax.”). It never ends.

    California just go hit with a $.14 cent/gallon new gas tax because the Socialist Kalifornia government has been stealing and wasting billions on their pet crony Socialist policies and massively bloated pension plans so much that they let the roads go to hell. NO ONE believes this tax money will be spent on the roads……NO ONE! Because Socialists are NOT accountable to anyone……….they spend other people’s money with NO regard to whether it is well spend or a complete waste. The worker bees are the Capitalists who pay for the BS! They are sick of the “progressive” Socialist Democrats and gave them the boot in November. There will be hell for the remaining ones who are up for election in 2018 and are clinging to this morally and financially bankrupt “Socialist” nightmare they(and many of the Repubicans) have created.

  • #Indivisible

    “So you are a marxist communist, not just a communist.”

    Dishonest and pathetic assertion.
    I’m a market realistwho supports properly functioning fair market capitalism with consumer protections that help the 99%, and can confirm you support Market failure in at least two forms, by having you answer a couple questions.

    Want to try?

  • #Indivisible

    What single part of your dishonest Gish Gallop shall we address and have you back up with credible sources first?

    Pick one.
    Your very legitimacy is on the line.
    Do it.
    We’ll wait.

  • #Indivisible

    “Which was all paid with the money of other”……. Individual citizens of the US who came before.

    Small businesses did NOT fund government by themselves and did NOT “build everything”

    “Algore developed the Internet”

    Ignorant right wing talkingpoint and strawman.

    ” nobody built anything ”
    Ha! More dishonesty that directly points to your utter lack of legitimacy.
    No one but you said anything of the sort.

  • #Indivisible

    Ad hom name calling combined with more baseless assertions you will never back up in a discussion.

    You have zero legitimacy.

  • #Indivisible

    ” bankrupt the western world for no good reason.”

    Baseless fossil funded assertion and rightwing hysteria.

    Speak to it ….if you think you can back it up.
    If not you have zero legitimacy and are just a corporate fascist shill and donor class toady.

    Speak to your assertion with facts.
    Do it.

  • #Indivisible

    “to redistribute wealth, to increase Taxation.”

    Explain how you think this works by speaking to it, either with credible sources or in your own words.

    Do it.
    Your very legitimacy depends on it.

  • #Indivisible

    “Yeah, most big business is leftist”

    Totally illegitimate assertion.

    You are destroying any shred of credibility you may have had and you are leaving it documented and on record.
    Pathetically sad.

  • #Indivisible

    “And I do not care about ALEC ”

    Of course you don’t want to acknowledge the Corporate Fascist ALEC .
    More proof of your utter illegitimacy in addressing issues and policy important to Americans .


  • #Indivisible

    You brought his opinion.

    Are you going to take the challenge and actually speak to it……or can’t you do that?

  • james warren

    Yes, I do get indoctrinated. It’s normal and natural and you will not find me arrogantly claiming that I do not.
    My family indoctrinated me with caring, respect and fairness. This is why I do not call people names in this forum or disrespectfully mock them.
    My schools and my teachers indoctrinated me with critical thinking and intelligence, which enabled me to see all sides of an issue as well as being able to hold two opposite thoughts in my mind at the same time.
    Why do you think I pay attention to talking points from the DNC or Bernie Sanders?
    Don’t take my word for anything–or anyone else’s for that matter.
    Objective stats and data show that a majority of Americans have agreed with Sanders’ issues for at least 30 years.

  • james warren

    I know, I know. You’re a conservative that believes in freedom and the constitution.
    You hate handouts and believe in hard work and the individual.
    You think government should get out of the way and let you live your lives and allow you to prosper on your own.
    You know that all rich people must have worked hard and all poor people are lazy. There is no other reason why they could be poor considering life is completely fair and all people are born into situations and environments that allow them to have all the opportunities and blessings that you had.
    There is no fathomable way they could have 2 or 3 jobs they work very hard at but still can’t make ends meet. You got it all figured out.

    But still, even you get your kicks from a little socialism every now and then.

    Don’t think of this as an intervention, think of it as a coming out of the closet party. We know you are a closet socialist. It’s okay, you are amongst friends and we support you. Besides, we always knew…

  • james warren

    What about war?
    War would not be possible without socialism. Your tax dollars are used to fight wars for your country.
    This is Big Government at it’s biggest. Private companies don’t attack other countries, at least not yet.
    Government is the only entity in America that can defend us from foreign enemies and our tax dollars are used for every second of it. Socialism has brought down Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Bin Laden. War may very well be the most socialist thing in this nation.

  • james warren

    Like having your garbage collected once a week instead of having to drive it to the landfill yourself?

    Thank socialism

    Do you like the idea of writing a letter and having it reach its destination in 3 days or less?

    Thank socialism.

    Hate the EPA?

    Republicans hate this taxpayer-funded government program because they have the nerve to tell corporations that they may have to follow environmental rules ad regulations for the greater good of the earth and the people who live on it.
    But if you don’t like breathing mercury, drinking dirty water, and breathing in chemicals, you should like this example of socialism working for the people.

  • james warren

    In the 1950’s polio ravaged the United States. Until Dr. Jonas Salk invented a cure, finally ridding America of this terrible disease. Dr. Salk could have sold his vaccine in the free market and made millions and millions of dollars. Instead he gave it to the federal government to begin eradicating polio. He said that he made plenty of money as a scientist and felt it was too important to try and profit from or create a business around.

    Our government uses taxpayer funds to pay farmers and businesses to provide their income and keep them growing food for the public.

    The Central Intelligence Agency is vital to America’s security. The CIA is completely taxpayer funded to protect the public from enemies.

    The Federal bureau of investigations is a taxpayer funded government agency.

    Can’t afford to send your children to an expensive private school?

    Thanks to socialism and government, you child can still get an education. Public education has been under attack for decades in this country by the radical right because public schools don’t teach Christianity to your children and it enables people like Barack Obama to work hard, gain scholarships, and eventually become President of the United States.

    This is the type of socialism that is acceptable in the Republican party. You tax dollars are given to big corporations to do things they should be doing anyway out of morals and ethics. Like not sending jobs overseas and hiring people. Wouldn’t you like a nice big check just for not breaking the law? To be fair though, many businesses do earn their subsidies by advancing green technology and practice, donating to charity, helping communities, etc.
    They aren’t all bad. People just get mad when big billionaire oil companies get billions of their taxpayer dollars while they’re paying $4 at the pump. For the corporations that don’t earn their subsidies other than donating to their very own political party, it’s merely welfare.
    Though however you look at it, it is socialism.

  • james warren
  • james warren

    Our defense system in America is a socialist system from top to bottom. We as taxpayers fund the pentagon completely.

    After beating back GOP obstruction, Democrats finally passed a bill to allow government to help 9/11 rescue worker’s with their health care after many came down with horrible lung diseases from the toxins they breathed in rescuing people from smoldering buildings.

    These brave citizens risked their lives and health to help complete strangers. They deserve more, but covering their health care is a good start.

    Do you have swine flu right now? Then thank government and the socialist structure.

    This example is a form of socialism that the republicans not only like, but fight tooth and nail for.
    They don’t like it when socialism is used for working/poor people, but when it’s for millionaires and their corporate donors, socialism becomes as American as apple pie.
    The middle/working class who are the majority of taxpayers pay for welfare for corporations and people who have more money than all of us combined. When our government bails out a bank or gives a subsidy to a billion dollar corporation, you are paying for it.

  • james warren

    Ever see those construction workers in your town fixing potholes, erecting buildings, repaving highways and roads, and fixing things all over town?

    They themselves and the work they do is taxpayer-funded state socialism.

    All your working life, you pay payroll taxes. Some of these taxes go toward a program that temporarily provides for people who lost their jobs until they can find another one.
    You pay for others, others pay for you.
    Especially these days, you never know when you might lose your job. You may need temporary assistance until you get back on your feet.
    The government recognizes this.

  • BikeIce

    False again. You are frickin’ clueless idiot. Polio was NOT cured with the Salk nor Sabin vaccine. It was a massive financial and medical scam them and still is to this day. 95% of all polio cases had come and gone by the time the “polio vaccine” was forced onto American kids in 1955. MANY developed polio as the “attenuated virus” was still alive and able to cause disease (Look up the “Cutter Incident”). In India, the “sugar cube” polio vaccine which was abandoned many years ago for causing so many cases of polio causes 46,000+ cases of “non acute flaccid paralysis” aka polio every year. You can thank the globalist “Socialist” Bill Gates for this disaster. Dr. Salk’s polio vaccine was so bad that it was pulled. In 1961 it was discovered millions of polio vaccines were contaminated with the SV-40 monkey virus. Untold numbers of people died from various cancers years later and probably still are. Read Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Susanne Humphries before you continue to spout oof that which you know nothing about.

    Public education is government propaganda leftist training. It is under attack because it is brainwashing dumb ass students into Socialist ideals and goals……….so when they are old enough to vote they will vote for Capitalist/Communists like Bernie Sanders because they don’t know the difference and relish government enslavement……just as you do.

  • Nanner

    I don’t need to read anymore liberal BS. We are all bombarded with the crap everywhere we read, listen and watch. The experts at “twisting” the truth are the democrats, you should know. Well, maybe not, you are obviously easily manipulated into believing their twisted and propagandized version of the truth. As far as Trump’s lewd bragging, I do not believe for a minute that you were EVER a supported. Additionally, if you actually did care about both sides of any story you would know that the women were planted by Hillary’s campaign.

  • Nanner

    james warren, where do you get your “facts”, they are wrong. Try investigating your beloved Bernie. He is just as corrupt as the rest of his buddies on the left, and getting richer by the day, thanks to nut jobs like you.

  • #Indivisible

    Waiting for you to speak to your gish gallop.
    What is the hold up?

  • #Indivisible

    “bankrupt the western world for no good reason. ”

    Come on.
    Bring the back up for that assertion.
    Why you waiting?

  • james warren

    You sound as if you feel under attack. The new emerging global culture is affecting us all. The world has become a metaphorical beehive. Any disturbance on the periphery is instantaneously felt by the entire colony.
    It’s hard to engage in collaborative problem-solving with anyone who accuses me of being a liar. I have been following Trump for at least 30 years. Somewhere I still have the first-edition printing of “The Art of the Deal.”
    Trump was entertaining to me and I believed him and trusted him to shake things up. But when his true character began to emerge, I could no longer in good conscience support the man. His boorishness and moral perversions were against the small-town values I was raised with.
    Your conspiracies and paranoia are not unlike the president’s own.
    To indicate that all progressives are bad is just as ignorant and silly as saying all conservatives are bad.
    It is naïve and sloppy thinking.

  • james warren

    When you can let go of your emotionalism and start listing actual facts and data, I [and others] will start to pay more attention to you.

    I have no use for childish name-calling and judgments.

    To suggest that all progressives are corrupt is just as ignorant and silly as saying that all conservatives are corrupt.

  • Nanner

    And Bernie is so honest and forth coming. Another lib who has never earned an honest dollar.

  • Nanner

    Referencing liberal manipulated facts is not “listing” facts. Besides, as evidenced by this thread, many real facts have been provided countering your inaccurate facts and you, without consideration, regurgitate more liberal made up garbage. What you consider name calling I consider facts, such as, you are not worth another moment of my time.

  • james warren

    On one hand you posted that I “regurgitate more liberal made up garbage.”
    But then you post “What you consider name calling I consider facts”
    What are you really trying to communicate here?

    Instead of insults and other verbal cruelty, all you need to do is list things I have said that you consider lies that I have said–using specific quotes, not your own opinion of those quotes–and I will gladly go over them together with you.

  • md444444444

    Donald has had dealings with the Russian/Jewish mafia since at least the 1990s. THAT cannot be denied. No, I’m not a Hillary voter. They’re all in the global crime syndicate, the giant mafia that the Italian mafia was based on. Murder, genocide, blackmail, slaughtering families of enemies, drugs, snuff films, child kidnapping/trafficking/torture/rape/murder/drinking the blood of/eating the flesh of. Yes, Donald too. Do the research. The governments of the world and the United Nations, CDC, NIH, EVERY LARGE ORGANIZATION AND MOST MEDIUM ONES… RUN BY PSYCHOTICS, THIEVES, GENOCIDERS, OMNICIDERS, SATANIST MORONS!

  • Bruce

    ‘…Bernie a Limousine Liberal?– what a shocker. Put him, Clinton, Bono, DiCrapio, Depp, Griffin, Madonna, Gore, Soros, and Brock on a Luxury liner… then sink it.

  • mioahu

    you are delusional. The fact that a country has a government, which does some things using tax money is not socialism. Otherwise all countries in this world would be socialist. Just try follow your own thinking, and the tenets of socialism you enumerated. and there you go, you contradicted yourself again 🙂 . But since your leftist thinking is so confused , you have to make idiotic arguments to even come close to seem to be having a debate. Pretty pathetic, like all your comments , confused pseudo intellectual.

  • mioahu

    sure, if you want to humiliate yourself by showing your stupidity and lack of knowledge, go ahead 🙂

  • #Indivisible

    15 days later?
    Your silly ad hom and name calling are noted,

    Let’s feature your challenge on a newer thread so the most folks possible can witness this.
    Follow me.

  • Koonass Patton

    Wait, i thought working hard and making a good living was the cornerstone of most arguments against him? God knows he’s earned it. Not only is he busting his ass touring the country with Dems but he’s busting it trying to pass legislation that benefits the average working class. Big difference between a book deal and lobbyist contributions.