Accuracy in Media

The liberal once fawned over newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron, who spurned the major political parties to run as a kind of anti-establishment insider figure.

However, after news broke of how he spends $30,000 on makeup, it tarnished his already-deteriorating public image and approval among the French public. It appears the liberal media, like the New York Times, recognizes his missteps and may have to retract their praise of the young leader.

So much for basking in the limelight for a long while and enjoying the praise of the liberal media?

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    So what is the issue exactly, that he uses that much makeup or that he expects them to pay for it? True that is a high price for makeup no matter who you are. Is that over a yr or just since he was elected? It probably isn’t even his, but his ancient pedophile wife that is trying to look younger.