Accuracy in Media

Former President Barack Obama is still bitter and angry about President Donald Trump’s stunning election and victory over Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate. How do we know? His constant criticism of Trump since Trump’s inauguration, including the latest edition of the People Magazine, per CNN:

The magazine catches readers up with the Obamas, post-White House, with tidbits on how Michelle exercises (SoulCycle), whether she buys lunch each day or brings it in a bag (bag, often times it’s turkey chili) and if she still has access to Secret Service vehicles (yes, but just one SUV that her entire staff piles into, according to an aide.)
Also of note in the feature? Barack Obama apparently thinks Trump is full of it.
“He’s nothing but a bullsh*tter,” is what a friend who spoke with People said of how the former president described the current president shortly after the election. The friend says Obama’s opinion of Trump since then “hasn’t gotten any better.”

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  • jimrussell

    Hard to be bitter about someone so clearly intellectually, morally, and less competent than you. I doubt it is bitterness but Obama like all other Presidents will not have the singularly unique legacy of
    Trump. None like Trump will have a mental illness named after them.

  • Richard Schmidt

    Well BO, Trump was elected over your policies and endorsement.
    Did half the voting public favor BS? You reveal much concerning your attitude re the American citizen. No surprise. It was all in your books.
    Barak Obama has been running on empty his entire career.

  • NoCoincidences

    0bamaritis Syndrome- disease that exhibits one or more of the following underlying conditions:
    Unending narcissistic behavior, Undying hate for the United States of America, Perpetual lying episodes, Steeling taxpayer funds from the Treasury and Medicare to fund crony pay-for-play loyalist slugs.. There are a plethora of symptoms of that nasty living disease, but not enough time nor space on the internet to list them all. Use your imagination, better yet, reflect on the eight years prior to the Donald Trump Presidency; then, you should have a pretty good idea about the infectious malady in order to protect yourselves..

  • jimrussell

    Spoken and reasoned with the insight of a typical Republican 3rd grade intellect dropout from inside the fence and 4 strands of barbed wire of a State mental health facility wearing a hockey helmet and long sleeved jacket.

  • NoCoincidences

    How did you break free from the tree you were tied to in the backyard? Must have chewed through the rope again.

  • jimrussell

    Unlike a Trumpster who would still be there whining and crying, tied up, I was smart enough just to untie the rope and go on my way.