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  • Steven Barrett

    Obama noticed more passion demonstrated by Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton? That’s a refreshing change. I heard the president’s more recent remarks this morning and they betrayed a decidedly pro-Clintonian slant. Why not, after all, the former First Lady who was a total bust as a genuinely passionate fighter for the non-rich Americans whose economic security and livelihoods depended on Wall Street and Mrs. Clinton’s pals in Goldman Sachs (in particular) … just as she was for our interests abroad during her disastrous tenure as Madame Secretary. (Actor Tea Leoni’s shown more passion in her make believe role as Secretary of State.
    For a better idea of Obama’s “passion” and where he got it from, read R.R. Reno’s very sharp assessment of Obama’s WASP background and training in “First Things,” (Feb. ’16. pp 5-6.)