Accuracy in Media

Sounds like the Obama administration, both the Department of Justice and Education, are involving themselves even more in this debate over privacy. What are the repercussions for acting like North Carolina, which said it is protecting privacy by allowing people who use bathrooms based on their original gender? Loss of federal aid and possible lawsuits from the feds.

Photo by CommerceGov

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  • linshar337

    I totally disagree with transgender bathrooms. What’s to stop some pervert from “pretending” he’s transgender just to use the women’s or girls’ washroom? I would not want my daughter to be in “her” bathroom with some guy. As far I am concerned, if you have a penis whether you don’t think you are a male or you are not sure what you are, you still need to use the men’s washroom. Plain and simple. Unless the male is a young child and is with his mother or whoever, then is allowed.