Accuracy in Media

After saying she wouldn’t question the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election, when she lost to underdog Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton said she’s leaving the door open to speculate about the legitimacy of the 2016 elections.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with NPR’s Terry Gross:

(Gross) I want to get back to the question, would you completely rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now?

(Clinton) No. I would not. I would say —

(Gross) You’re not going to rule it out.

(Clinton) No, I wouldn’t rule it out.

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  • rightsright

    Be very careful Hillary. You did not even win the popular vote after the illegals are deleted. Democrat cheating in 2008, 2012 and 2016 might backfire on you, that is, unless you can cheat on the investigation!

  • PStarr

    “Democrat cheating in 2008, 2012 and 2016…”.
    And thus we have the crux of the Leftist-outrage and violence since Election Day – they managed to successfully steal two elections (’08 and ‘012) via massive election/voter fraud, and thought they were on the cusp of another stolen “victory,” when the rug was pulled right out from under them. Three communists (actually two, since “Soetoro,” the Indonesian Manchurian-candidate, counts as two) in a row would have sank America forever, and the communists with their useful-idiot sycophants just can’t accept the fact that rural fly-over Americans crushed them in-spite of their massive criminal operations.

    If they manage to usurp the presidency again via the “trumped”-up “Russian-collusion” debacle, there had better be a serious resistant uprising amongst patriotic American citizens who value their freedom, if the world is to be prevented from falling into a permanent One-World Communist tyranny. In my opinion, ANY country that enforces citizen disarmament, and that includes the “democracies” in Europe, is a communist enclave, and that is basically the rest of the world. I believe it was Trevor Loudon that stated, ” If America falls, there is no where else to run to.”