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Oh, now CNN highlighted how Melania Trump is the first Catholic First Lady since Jackie Kennedy? After the election, many liberal media opinion editorials and articles focused on the negative about Donald Trump and ignored milestones like this one.

It’s almost June, and the liberal media is waking up to the fact that Melania Trump is Catholic?

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  • mioahu

    Well, unfortunately most catholics vote democrat, against their own interest. The leftist culture in the democratic party is against religion (unless it’s islam, another example of leftist warped thinking). The pope is a socialist “social justice” warrior. Most catholics, like most Jews in America are useful idiots to an ideology that is fighting against their actual belief system…so sad.

  • biilyjoe

    Over half of Catholics vote Republican (many even voted for Richard Nixon in 1960). About 55% of Catholics voted for Trump. Only 25% of Jews voted for Trump–and even less for other Republicans in recent years.
    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, however, THAT CATHOLICS who vote Democrat vote against their own interest. The Demon-crat Party has been behind the attacks on our priests (guilty or not) . The Demon-crat Party , under hillary/Podesta in 2016 planned to infiltrate our Church and bring in the Demon-crat demonic anti-Catholic Agenda . For the past 55 years, the Demon-crat Party, in alignment with Public School Teachers’ Unions and the anti-Catholic bigots in the Jewish, Black and Atheist/Agnostic communities have worked to actively destroy America’s Catholic School Systems (which have been saving America’s taxpayers’ hundreds of millions over the past 130 years) by opposing any and every kind of access to the Public School taxes Catholics pay. You have to be an idiot to think that it is either fair (or for that matter, constitutional) , that any group should have to pay twice –to support their own schools and then also the (in many areas failing) Public School System.

  • mioahu

    Here are some statistics…

    over the years, catholics vote mostly for democrats, was different for Trump. However, it seems the vote is heavily influenced by latin catholics, white catholics tend to vote republican, I don’t understand why most lations, having left their countries to come to America, vote to impose a similar regime here to the one that destroyed their countries… ilogical

  • biilyjoe

    My comment was a comment in response to how ‘minority groups’ like Blacks, Jews , and Catholics vote. My conclusion is that there is no comparison among these 3 . Jews and Blacks vote overwhelmingly and consistently Democratic. The Catholic vote is split close to 50/50 but nevertheless votes significantly Republican (especially White Catholics –who are still a significant majority of all Catholics)
    Look at those stats. The few times that Catholics voted Democrat was done so by a very small margin.
    The Catholic voter is finally ‘wizening up’.
    I really didn’t need to see your stats, however. I’ve lived in an urban area heavily populated with Jews and Catholics and I’ve long been observing first hand in my over 70 years.
    35 years ago , I moved into an upwardly mobile Catholic ,Suburban development that was built in mid-1960’s –around a new Catholic Church and school actually preceding by 1 year the building of the housing in a suburb that was about to become one of the top 10 public school systems in the state. Homes populated originally –over 90% Catholic most of whom used the Catholic School nearby as the public school taxes were raised heavily decade after decade as the public school constituency packed the public School Board with ‘yes’ people ( heavily Jewish) for everything they wanted in their schools while the Catholic taxpayers had to fight just to have their children use the tax- funded public school bus system that had buses passing by Catholic students and their school.
    As the older, original owner Catholics have died off , the public school system has attracted many non-Catholics into our development–although there were always predominantly Jewish neighborhoods nearby. Out of our 80 homes, there are about 5 Jewish families , 10 Protestant ones and the rest are Catholic. When the 2016 election started , many Trump supporters were reluctant to place Trump signs out on their lawns –because of the violent hostility coming from the left democrats and their gangster allies. But then 7 of my neighbors (4 of whom were Jewish-remember there are only 5 Jewish families in my development) ) placed Hillary signs out on their lawns, several of my neighbors and I had had it. Seven of us put out Trump signs. Most chose not to put out signs. Out of the about 65 Catholic families, most chose not to put out a sign– but 4 out of the 5 Jewish families put out Hillary signs –and right out by their curbs, no less.
    That’s why I say, I didn’t need your stats to know that Jews vote Democrat way more than Catholics and likely Protestants. And that Catholics tend to vote Republican these days was MY ORIGINAL POINT.