Accuracy in Media

Michelle Obama, the former First Lady and the wife of former President Barack Obama, said she will not run for political office to avoid putting her kids through politics again.

She made the remarks as a conference in Orlando, Florida, and said she can be a better influence outside of politics.

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  • davesnrakleberger

    1. they are not her kids. They belong to the doctor who signed the “birth certificates.
    2. might save her a major embarrassment if it is possible she could ever be embarrassed after her spending so much taxpayer money on excessive and expensive vacations for her “family” and friends,
    3. speaking of embarrassment, can you tell me what if anything, would embarrass Barry?

  • Boyd Herrst

    It would be a circus and “it” knows it..!

  • icate

    Wonderful. We can’t reverse the damage she and Barack Hussein have done to the country, but we don’t have to worry about paying for her vacations in the future. And that awful, flat hair that makes her look like a department store dummy. Goodbye, Michelle. Good riddance.