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Antifa, or alleged “anti-fascists”, were recently compared to veterans of World War Two by an editor at The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg. His reasoning? Antifa charged white supremacists and neo-Nazis at Charlottesville like World War Two veterans did during the war. Here’s what Goldberg tweeted, comparing ‘Saving Private Ryan’ movie’s portrayal of veterans to “a group of very aggressive alt-left protesters invading a beach without a permit”:

Goldberg must not have been satisfied with President Donald Trump’s use of “alt-left” to describe Antifa in his speech condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Antifa violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one civilian died.

What is wrong with this comparison?

Antifa is composed of left-wing and violent activists who fought white supremacists and neo-Nazis, who are not trained military personnel and are not engaged in actual worldwide warfare, while World War Two veterans fought for democracy and against tyranny and Nazi Germany (and German allies) across the world.

War and street fights are completely different, let alone the stark difference in casualty rates between Antifa-vs.-neo-Nazis and World War Two. Let’s take a look at the casualty figures:

  • Antifa: 0*
    • *we did not count 1 civilian death nor 2 state troopers because they were not members of Antifa
  • World War Two’s D-Day beachhead landings on June 6, 1944: 4,413 (per D-Day Museum)
  • Battle of Normandy Allied casualties: 209,000 (per D-Day Museum)

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  • Charles

    The greatest generation has grandchildren willing to take out Antifa. I don’t see any difference!!!

  • Climax

    Both sides violated several laws. Why have they not been rounded up, jailed with no bond because they are a flight risk, tried and sentenced to log terms at hard labor? Being a veteran, 12/66-12/68 I take great offense to both sides actions and as our President has said, both sides share fault. Put them in a Prison Yard together and let them fight it out until it the fight is out of them. Then jail the survivors for the next 1 years.

  • Gz7

    A couple treason trials and these events will slow down. It’s one thing to be out and about beating people up and having it financed by communist George Soros, and it’s another thing to be sitting in prison.

  • Climax

    The Justice Department doing their jobs would be a fresh surprise. But alas, people like Hillary and Bill Clinton get away with Murder among other things, and everything else rolls down hill. If you give people a job to act this way they will and Sorros sure loves to stroke the fires of hell.

  • G.B.

    The antifa go back to Communist (international socialists) fighting against Nazis (national socialists). Neither side had much in the way of a positive message.

  • fgmtdn

    Please sign and share.
    Formally recognize AntiFa as a terrorist organization:

  • samo war

    antiffa is naccist gestttapp ?

  • efred1

    Well, they can.

    If they want to be compared to the Nazi SS or the Japanese military.

  • efred1

    Or waiting the Death Penalty, which is a Constitutionally-prescribed punishment for Treason.

  • efred1

    But Hillary HERSELF, said around Jan 26, 2016, that “No one is too big or important or powerful or rich to go to prison.”

    I say, “Good for her.” And to set perfect, yet proper example, start with Hillary.

  • Charles Findlay

    This crowd of anarchists aren’t even in the same league as those young men and women who sacrificed it all to stop real fascism. They’re international socialists bent on anarchy.


    They so desperately wish to rewrite history to make themselves look good. They refuse to admit they are being funded by a real Nazi, they refuse to see they are destroying this country, they refuse to hear or see what they do as being 7 shades of wrong.

  • Doris Will

    This is 2017 in the United States of America. No civil war has been declared. We do have laws in effect. If you destroy property, break the peace, attack people you are breaking the law. As Trey Gowdy says: “The Law is a lady wearing a blindfold, carrying a book and scales.” Neither she nor we should care about the who and whys, Enforce the law, if the local police can’t handle it, have the Governor call up the National Guard, but enforce the law. Don’t forget if you hire anyone to commit a crime, you are just as guilty as the ones committing the act. Also naming the mobs does not make them legitimate.

  • toomanycrayons

    #So-called “morality” turf wars. Fake Theo-Humanism American style is dead. Big Data knows what Big Data knows.