Accuracy in Media

Just like the NBA and NCAA, the NFL is wandering into social justice over bathroom bills and gender identity. This time, the league is threatening the state of Texas (just like North Carolina) over bathroom preference.

Is it the duty of sports leagues to interfere in social justice and social issues? Or should they stick to sports?

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  • sox83cubs84

    Crap like this is why I rarely watch the NFL or the NBA any more. Both leagues have adopted Communist Democrap propaganda as their platform, supported by many, if not most, of the athletes. I don’t need the National Felons League nor the National Baby-daddy Association.

  • Wiley Coyote

    Of course, it’s just extortion, and it’s costing the leagues business and prestige. I agree with fellow-poster “sox83cubs84”. Who wants to watch a bunch of girly-men? It reminds me of all the Bond villians, it’s exactly what they would do, what was it SPECTER, extortion, revenge, etc.? I notice there are never any protests about emptying the gulags in North Korea or to stop the genocide in the Middle East. That all serves the real-life SPECTER and so it is ignored. Which would be a good idea concerning these monkeys.

  • WhizzyWhiz

    Texas should stand strong.. Let the football league boycott Texas. One season without the Texans and cowboys… The NFL will sign their own death warrant….

  • John Frings

    The NFL keeps screwing around they will have nobody watching there games…..

  • jon krauss

    It is time to push back on the NFL. I for one will not be watching.

  • AngelHorseMomMD223

    The NFL is making sure to chase off the fans that built their league. If the owners like Jerry Jones don’t stand up to the social justice warriors in the NFL commissioners office, they deserve all the devalued franchises and lost revenue that’s already coming their way. We sold our season tickets last year and dumped NFL Redzone over this PC bs.

  • Morgan O’Rourke

    Just goes to show you who is running sports leagues these days. And the thing is most fags don’t even follow sports.

  • Aint So

    Time to flush the NFL and the NBA down their respective self constructed sexual deviant crappers