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As CNN’s Jake Tapper noted, the last Sunday in September is set aside to remember the sacrifices of fallen American service members and especially their mothers.

However, NFL players appeared to not have known this and many protested the American flag and American national anthem in pre-game ceremonies this past Sunday, sparking outrage across the nation.

Here’s Jake Tapper’s tweet about Gold Star Mother’s Day:

Regardless of their right to free speech and their feelings about the national anthem, NFL players should do more research before protesting on a day set aside for remembering the fallen and their mothers, who sacrificed their sons for the country.

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  • Dan

    Perhaps common sense needs be put forefront about this “protest” by NFL (and probably soon to be NBA ) players. Of course, the vast majority of the public agree that inequality should not exist. But rather than inconvenience the viewing and ticket buying public, why not take knee AFTER the game at the center of the field, so all players could participate, if they choose. It would also give the fans the opportunity to participate, by staying seated when the game ends. But wait, that would eliminate disrespecting our flag and national anthem, and we all know how these millionaire athletes are always treated unfairly!!!!

  • Pappy Boyington

    Spoiled juvenile owners and players….may the entire NFL burn in Hell.

  • samo war
  • samo war
  • thesafesurfer

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