Accuracy in Media

Well, Ted Cruz did take away two primary wins this past week and Trump got the other two, so maybe Newt is wrong about that.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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  • Mitt’s speech didn’t help Cruz. It didn’t help Rubio or Kasich. But it sure helped Hillary’s attack team.

  • Steven Barrett

    For once Romney was well out ahead of the curve and he laced into Trump and not only exposed Trump for his phoniness, but his party’s as well. That’s why his speech didn’t achieve its intended results. Like Harry Truman said, he didn’t give ’em hell, he only told the truth and it stung like hell. Sadly, and more pathetically telling, was the lack of effect his stinging rebuke of Trump and Trumpism was brushed aside as if the party couldn’t be bothered with hearing the truth.