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The New York Times broke the story that former FBI director James Comey wrote a memo detailing how President Donald Trump asked him to allow the FBI’s investigation into former Trump advisor Michael Flynn to go away. However, where is the memo?

It was read aloud, on the phone, by an associate of Comey to a New York Times reporter.

Congress is planning to request the memo from Comey and asked Comey to testify about the memo and the conversation. Until then, there is no sufficient evidence that this allegation and story is true, but it is quite an appealing headline, isn’t it?

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  • mioahu

    This f***ing political hack Comey, i hope that him an many other leakers will get maximum jail time, cause what they do is a federal offense . Trump did nothing wrong, all about sharing classifies info with the russians is bull, HE is the president and can legally share WHATEVER HE WANTS ! He determines what’s classified, you idiots ! Also, regarding Flynn, there is no obstruction of justice … There was no investigation, and Trump didn’t interfere with the investigation, and why would he since he can PARDON FLYNN ANY TIME and make the investigation go away. Leftist morons of course don’t know or don’t wanna know what the president is allowed to do ….There will be fallout from all of this, but it won’t be Trump or his administration, it will be the traitors to this nation who do everything they can to sabotage Trump and his presidency, shame on you comrades, for undermining your country