Accuracy in Media

Not surprisingly, the New York Times not only reviewed Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” the follow-up to his original global warming documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” it liked it.

The reviewer claimed that in a summer full of blockbuster movies, it is telling that one of the more “compelling characters is Al Gore.”

The sequel uses well-known natural disasters to make the case that global warming cannot be denied. It features Gore at the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015 trying to negotiate with a green energy executive to let India use his technology for years to come.

If Al Gore is “compelling,” then who isn’t, by that standard? Gore has been out of the public consciousness since the release of the original documentary.

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  • Gallilao

    The fraud that calls itself Climate Science would have us believe that a completely innocuous substance called CO2 and the production of which, are claimed to affect climate. That is an indefatigable lie!

    These Climate Scientists claim that they can model the climate but it is a daunting task and rife with inadequacies and pitfalls, so patience is required but they claim they can do it. Pure Hogwash! They tell us that they have programs that can account for thousands of variables and gives us an overall average and that that, average, is the background temperature that we know as climate. More Hogwash! On top of that, they claim these flawed models are proof of their claim.
    Well, I can give you straightforward mathematical prediction, that can be tested anywhere on the land surfaces of this planet and will always give the predicted result and demonstrates just as indefatigably, that there is no such thing as AGW or any anthropogenic affect on climate.

    All the requisite data is already there and freely accessible online and demonstrates how easy it is to asses the current climate.
    Climate is not the average of all the corrected readings, Climate, the background temperature, is the “midpoint”, between the highest and the lowest annual temperature, a fact that can easily be substantiated.

    Everywhere on land on this planet, there is an underground temperature gradient that increases in temperature the deeper you go; as any underground miner knows. Nearer the surface, the temperature gradient changes over the seasons but below a specific gradient, the temperature never changes, day in and day out, month in and month out, year in and year out. That is the equilibrium point and that point, that specific temperature and that specific depth, are peculiar and particular to that geographic location and changes from place to place, in both temperature and depth underground, it gets shallower and warmer near the Equator and deeper and colder toward The Poles and yet that temperature can be easily calculated anywhere on the planet by knowing the annual high and low atmospheric surface temperature. The surface temperature is determine by the underground equilibrium gradient and that gradient is determined by our planet’s internal furnace and has nothing to do with the atmosphere or the Sun and if the atmosphere were stripped from the planet, the underground gradient would hardly, noticeably, change.

    But none of this is new. The original GH Theory told us this from the beginning. It states that a GHG must be transparent to Solar IR and opaque to terrestrial IR and in 1856 it was demonstrated that there are no such atmospheric gases. No GHGs means AGW is a fraud and the whole world is being swindled by the likes of Al Gore, the IPCC and a multitude of hangers-on, including government around the world after all, how could they resist a tax on the air?

    We the people need to sue these crooks and put an end to this stupidity, so we can focus on the real issues facing the future.

  • mioahu

    that’s one fine movie i will not be spending money and time on 🙂 good thing it will take few hours of every leftists life 🙂

  • Todd Nelson

    Algore( like Igor) is a character in a B movie, like Freddy Kruger, except Kruger is more believable, and more honest, and nicer