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Over the course of the Obama administration, high profile cabinet secretaries have been used to shield President Obama from the consequences of his many failed policies, and a series of scandals that he and most of the media proclaimed to be “phony.” Kathleen Sebelius, for example, was blamed for the mismanagement of Obamacare; Janet Napolitano was blamed for mismanagement of the border; Eric Shinseki for the problems of the Veterans’ Administration; and, now, Attorney General Eric Holder, perhaps the biggest heat shield of all, has announced his pending resignation.

But rather than getting caught up in the personalities who publicly represent President Obama’s policies and take the fall for the administration’s many scandals, journalist James Risen pointed the finger squarely at the President when he said on Sunday that “I don’t think any of this would be happening under the Obama administration if Obama didn’t want to do it. I think Obama hates the press. I think he doesn’t like the press and he hates leaks.”

Risen was referring to the unprecedented number of leak investigations and prosecutions that the Obama administration has pursued.

As we pointed out in a special report for AIM, President Obama’s Department of Justice subpoenaed two months of Associated Press records to go after a leaker, as well as naming James Rosen a criminal co-conspirator to the Stephen Jin-Woo Kim leaking case. Sally Buzbee, Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief, recently came out and condemned the administration’s obstructionist tactics, especially with regards to Freedom of Information Act requests, which, she argued, are sometimes given to political appointees rather than processed by the civil service. A trend of stonewalling the media has emerged, and it can only be explained by coordinated effort.

“Risen said he thinks one of Holder’s most important jobs is to protect Obama from direct criticism,” reports Central Maine. “He has often tried to do it on this issue,” said Risen.

If not to shield the President from criticism, then why is the Fast & Furious scandal associated primarily with Holder and not Obama, and why are the leak investigations discussed above primarily attributed to Holder, not the President? Attitudes towards leakers, and administration policy, flow from the top—not from the middle.

As for Risen, Politico reports, “Risen could face jail time for refusing to reveal his sources about a failed CIA operation, though Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama have indicated Risen will not go to jail.” But Risen maintains that he would “go to jail to protect the confidentiality of sources” if necessary.

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  • John Cunningham

    Of course he does, just like everything else that works against his vile Philosophy and changes.
    Everything he said while running for president was a lie accept, that he would fundamentally change America. That is one thing he accomplished and America is reeling because of it.
    The idea that he was going to bring America together was the biggest lie of all. He has turned America back to pre Civil War and post Civil War times with reconstruction and all.
    One thing is for sure, January 2017 is a long way away. With Barack Obama at then helm until then, I don’t think America will survive. At least not without a major catastrophe. God help us all!

  • Mike Mccafferty

    Well said and true.

  • Oddjob

    He spent twenty years at the feet of jeremiah wright lapping up his hatred and anger for all things american. Can we expect anything less from either barack or michelle. Contempt should be held for the braindead zombies who voted for people like this

  • John Cunningham

    Thank you and, I wish I was wrong. Unfortunately, we are stuck with him unless, the People stand up and say enough!

  • john robel

    Amen, to paraphrase moochele, “for the first time I am truly ashamed of my country” and have been for 6 years. Obama voters are living proof that PT Barnum was right and racism wins elections..

  • stevor

    That’s pretty funny, coming from the NYT, the unofficial newspaper of the CIA. I guess this is just one more attack against o’bama (who I despise) like when there was that “white house break-in”, which was a warning to o’bama that he wasn’t toeing the line as his puppeteers told him to do when THEY put him in the white house.
    (I guess the puppeteers started to salivate about the possibility of a new Satanic war by way of Syria and o’bama stopped it because of his muslim buddies.)

  • Douglas Mayfield

    Neither Mr. Risen or the NYT should feel special because Obama hates a lot of things including freedom, individual rights, and America as a free country (he’d prefer, and is doing everything possible to bring it about, a socialist police state a la Castro’s Cuba or Chavez’s Venezuela),

  • Lorilu

    He shouldn’t hate the press. They have been his best friends. They are his biggest cheerleaders, and they don’t cover the scandals in his administration.

  • Tbear

    The NYT (Obama’s major cheerleader) is not fit to wipe yourself with!!!!

  • susan

    obamas has the least transparent administration & thats saying alot. but his hypocrisy about it takes the prize. he was a wolf in sheeps clothing.