Accuracy in Media

The New York Times has gone all-in on explaining why socialism was good for those who lived under its thumb. The two most notorious pieces, at least on social media, were the following:

Aug. 12: Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism

Sept. 25: How Did Women Fare in China’s Communist Revolution?

However, the New York Times has been publishing pro-socialism and pro-communism pieces this year to commemorate 100 years since the Russian (i.e. Bolshevik) Revolution in a section called Red Century.

So, how many pro-socialism pieces has the Times published since the start of 2017? Thirty-one favorable articles, by our count.

The articles glance over the countless victims of communism and socialism, ranging from the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong, the purges of Josef Stalin and the Iron Curtain’s many victims.

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  • Mr. Blair M. Phillips

    Socialism is worth considering. The Cuban people, Russian people and Chinese people are healthier and happier. Universal and free health care, post secondary education, Early Childhood Education….I like it. I grew up with Kensyism but today’s Monetarism or Free Markets encourages people to believe that it’s a ,”dog eat dog world”. It is not….caring for others especially minorities, immigrants and refugees makes me feel good. I am my brothers/sisters keeper.

  • Freeordie

    Which is complete Nonsense, Russia isn’t communist and Cubans and Chinese kill themselves to defect to the US.

    You want to be a slave to a politburo be my guest, move to Venezuela.

    “I prefer a dangerous freedom to a peaceful slavery”

  • Mark Midas

    Keep it simple for people who like socialism and dislike capitalism.
    Communism: 250 million dead (a lot of famine)
    McDonald’s: more than 1 billion served (a lot fed)

  • Mark Wynn

    Egad. You’re embarrassing yourself.