Accuracy in Media

New York Times op-ed writer Andrew Rosenthal was not a fan of the use of a teleprompter by President Donald Trump during his speech to Congress. Did he forget that President Barack Obama used teleprompters during his presidency and major speeches?

On Tuesday night, we are told, he looked sober and presidential, when all he actually did was read a speech from a Teleprompter without veering off into one of his incoherent rants.

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  • jg collins

    The monkeys write. What clueless, arrogant hypocrites!

  • mioahu

    AHAHHAHAHHAHAH, the spineless leftist new york time writers, that disgraced opinion paper, fake news, they are irrelevant … they did everything they could to stop Trump, didn’t work, IRRELEVANT, like the artists and actors, and yet they double down , good for them and for us, 8 years of TRUMP