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New York Times op-ed writer Jill Filipovic blamed Hillary Clinton’s electoral loss to Donald Trump on the sexual misconduct and misogyny of fired liberal and male journalists such as Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer and Mark Halperin.

All three male journalists named above have been fired due to allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment.

Filipovic, instead of blaming Clinton for losing the race, placed the blame of Clinton’s loss at the male journalists’ feet:

Matt Lauer, like Charlie Rose and Mark Halperin before him, is a journalist out of a job after his employer fired him for sexually harassing female colleagues. It’s good news that real penalties are now leveled on men who harass — after centuries of the costs mostly befalling the women who endure harassment. But the deep cultural rot that has corroded nearly all of our institutions and every corner of our culture is not just about a few badly behaved men. Sexual harassment, and the sexism it’s predicated on, involves more than the harassers and the harassed; when the harassers are men with loud microphones, their private misogyny has wide-reaching public consequences. One of the most significant: the 2016 election.

Many of the male journalists who stand accused of sexual harassment were on the forefront of covering the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Matt Lauer interviewed Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump in an official “commander-in-chief forum” for NBC. He notoriously peppered and interrupted Mrs. Clinton with cold, aggressive, condescending questions hyper-focused on her emails, only to pitch softballs at Mr. Trump and treat him with gentle collegiality a half-hour later. Mark Halperin and Charlie Rose set much of the televised political discourse on the race, interviewing other pundits, opining themselves and obsessing over the electoral play-by-play. Mr. Rose, after the election, took a tone similar to Mr. Lauer’s with Mrs. Clinton — talking down to her, interrupting her, portraying her as untrustworthy. Mr. Halperin was a harsh critic of Mrs. Clinton, painting her as ruthless and corrupt, while going surprisingly easy on Mr. Trump. The reporter Glenn Thrush, currently on leave from The New York Times because of sexual harassment allegations, covered Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign when he was at Newsday and continued to write about her over the next eight years for Politico.

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  • samo war
  • MesaMark

    The list of Democrats who demurely capitulate to allegations almost daily are merely actors in a pathetic, transparent and desperate political ploy to regain the feeble-minded female votes.

  • Richard Schmidt

    Note from sane Americans to NYT:
    The Presidential Election is over
    Donald Trump won and is delivering on his campaign promises
    You can stop campaigning now.
    Please leave any further excuse making too Hillary Clinton.

  • bhagawan

    So, we can expect “What Happened”, Part 2, Part 3, etc., as Hillary (and her minions) keep finding some new reasons and new persons to blame for her loss? Both the Kenyan phony and crooked Hillary are responsible for the sudden deterioration of political decency in this nation because their candidate lost in spite of rigging, FBI passes, etc!

  • vladdy

    The Slimes betrays its TDS again with its snarky use of “Mr. Trump” instead of “President Trump.” Hey, who wants to be editorially correct when you can be snotty? Better to lose what scraps of reputation they have left than pass up a chance to dig at PDT and his supporters.

    But then again, the whole article is a laugh. Everybody knows how the press treats the two. Turn on your TV. Whose supposed “scandal” are they beating to death and whose are they ignoring completely? Yeah. ‘Nuff said.

  • vladdy

    Thank goodness it’s only the young, insecure females who fall for the “v-jay-jay hat” syndrome. The rest of us are rational.