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The liberal media continues to pile on President Donald Trump and his extended seventeen-day vacation at his Bedminster, New Jersey resort, even when the fact is that the White House is undergoing a two-week renovation of their HVAC system.

The New York Times piled onto Trump and called the HVAC renovation a “handy excuse” for President Trump to go to cooler temperatures up north in New Jersey:

Mr. Trump’s departure from the steamy capital marked the start of the project, and a handy excuse for the president to escape northward to the relatively cooler temperatures of his Bedminster, N.J., property.

The rest of the article detailed the needed repairs, but why bury this under partisan, anti-Trump rhetoric?


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  • TED

    Trump is already chasing George W. Bush for the presidential ‘Lollygagging On The Job” title … so what’s another two weeks? Notice that he didn’t take his work and his aides to his offices in NYC to do actual work but, rather, to his resort golf course in New Jersey.

  • Maggietish

    Interesting that the New York Times never once reported the exorbitant number of vacations that President Obama took. Why did they never report how many times he played golf which was excessive to say the least? Did the New York times every report how President Obama was annoyed when he had to interrupt his golf game to comment on the beheading of Foley and 20 seconds later was back on the golf course. Where was the New York times reporting about the 200+ million dollars that the Obamas spent on exorbornant elaborate personal vacations all on the taxpayers dime? Since President Trump has been elected the Democrats have done nothing but obstruct any progress that would benefit this country and the American people. Quite clearly one wonders why we the people are even paying them becausr the only thing that they’re good at is encouraging anarchy and division among the American people. The Democrats clearly have never missed a vacation in their lives and the Republicans aren’t any better so where is the New York Times reporting/critizong them when there so many crisis in this country but the politicians spend the taxpayers money for their vacations and they’ve done absolutely done nothing for the United States and the American people. This witchhunt against President Trump, his family and his supporters from the New York Times and other corrupt biased liberal/progressive lying fake news media has run its course and the American people have had more than enough of all the hate mongering and people like the New York Times who are trying to destroy America.

  • newsel
  • newsel
  • brtw

    Our first black pres. arranged for these improvements before we kicked him out so why are the libs. claiming Trump did??? More lies from the left!!

  • brtw

    More lying libs. The dems. just cannot stop w/ their fake news. Ever noticed they haven’t achieved anything lately but interfering w/ our democracy?? They’re showing how much they hate the voters and want to raise our taxes and continue to DO NOTHING.

  • brtw

    Wrong AGAIN

  • samo war
  • dumbvet