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It could be a significant endorsement as Rubio is fighting for that first primary win in a crowded nomination field and hasn’t won a primary yet. Dean Heller, a GOP Senator from Nevada, endorsed Rubio via Twitter a couple days before the Nevada GOP primary.

Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

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  • Rich Schmidt

    The fact that many Republican Senators prefer Rubio over Cruz should tell us much about who is more likely to upset the RINO establishment mindset responsible for disappointing so many Voters who returned Repubs to the Congress.
    Rubio is inconsistent and glib. Cruz is focussed and direct but willing to “play the ball where it lies”.
    Imagine Hillary debating Trump, Rubio or Cruz.
    The first two will look like a comedy schtick.

  • Steven Barrett

    Why are so many Republicans rushing to endorse a guy who’s settling for second place so often? And why is the so-called GOP elite willing to spit in the face of the many, many more voters who chose Trump over the other squabblers? Even Wasserman-Schultz hasn’t been this openly brazen.
    Well, she’s working on it.

  • Peter Wass

    Perhaps they don’t want both nominees to be Democrats.

  • Steven Barrett

    Looks like Trump (who I’m NOT supporting) whupped both Cruz and Rubio combined damn near 2 to 1. They’re losers, bona fide, demonstrable losers and if the GOP “establishment” is dumb enough to finagle a nomination for either Canadian Cruz or the Chameleon Rubio, watch what hits the fan. LOL, brother, you’d better duck and wear heavy duty plastic.