Accuracy in Media

GuideStar, which is the world’s largest source of information on charities has decided to remove “hate group” labels from nearly four dozen conservative and religious organizations that were accused of spreading hate by the Southern Poverty Law Center according to The Washington Post.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a well known left-wing organization that attacks conservative organizations under the guise of exposing hate in America.  GuideStar which professes neutrality in providing information on charities recently added the “hate group” label to groups with a link to the SPLC website.




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  • Roy Lesher

    I voted for President Trump and lost a few friends, who really were not friends, in the process. After the election I was shocked at the rage of the losers and their unwillingness to accept the election results and move on. We call these people liberals, sometimes “libtards” for retarded liberals, but we have sadly missed the mark. These evil people are anarchists who have lost all touch with civil obedience. Obama taught them to simply ignore the law and they are doing so with brazen impunity. They will continue with their madness until they are shot or put in jail. We are wasting our time expecting otherwise.