Accuracy in Media

NBC News claimed that President Donald Trump is punting too much on key issues, giving Congress the responsibility to fix or manage the issues, such as tax reform, health care reform and the national budget.

In their latest article on Trump’s tactics, entitled “When Trump doesn’t want to decide, he punts to Congress,” the liberal network said that his current actions contradict his campaign rhetoric, where he said he would fix problems:

He has cast himself as an agent of action against these Obama-era policies while at times appearing to push Congress to leave them in place. By sending these thorny issues to Capitol Hill, he can stand at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue ready to take credit for anything that works and distance himself from anything that doesn’t — particularly if there’s a backlash from Republican activists.

NBC News avoided the explicit mention that Trump’s actions can be seen as a deference to checks and balances, only naming the “travel ban” and EPA deregulation as executive overreach.

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  • Patriot

    It is not the Presidents job to write law. Writing and implementing a law must be done by Congress.

  • mioahu

    Yeah, I betcha they loved Hussein’s unconstututional executive orders.. which are dismantled one by one By Trump and his administration. Of course the communists at NBC don’t like that he defers to congress, cause then it becomes a law and can’t be just erased with a phone and a pen by the next leftist president (which hopefully won’t happen for a while)