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John Brennan, former CIA director under Barack Obama, continues his barrage of criticism of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Trump is dismantling much of Obama’s legacy, which may be a reason behind Brennan’s partisan rhetoric against him.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” interviewed Brennan, who criticized Trump’s handling of Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Brennan blasted an anonymous source at the Washington Post, who said that the Obama administration “choked” in their handling of Russia, thereby defending his conduct at Obama’s CIA director.

The liberal media apparently loves former Obama officials, who constantly criticize President Trump.

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  • biilyjoe

    It was in the news that this Brennan quietly converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia (5 or more years ago) with the nsa or state department . No wonder Obama is his mullah. No surprise . Brennan was educated by the Jesuits like pope francis who has kinder words for Islam than he does sympathy for the 30 year old ongoing persecution jihad of Christians all over the Middle East–with Obama’s encouragement. It doesn’t take much, it seems, to turn a jesuit education into ‘liberation theology’ which goes hand in hand with marxism and hatred of our American way of life– our American way of life which was built on Judaeo-Christian principles. What a sick world we live in.

  • samo war
  • Bruce

    Fuck You, Brennan. This guy’s a subversive Communist sympathizer, AND a Wahhabi Muslim convert who hates America & Christianity. Who would listen to anything he sais?