Accuracy in Media

In their article on the People’s Climate March, which took place in Washington, D.C. and several other cities, NBC News highlighted the climate change skepticism of the Trump administration (even asserting “mocking voice” in one of Trump’s speeches on his climate change remarks):

Throughout his campaign, Trump frequently scoffed at the idea that global warming is a threat to the environment, pledging to cancel the “billions in global warming payments to the United Nations” and pull out of the Paris Agreement.

“I keep hearing about global warming, now they’ll say: ‘He doesn’t understand this is a worldwide problem,'” Trump said, adopting a mocking voice during an April 2016 campaign stop in Rochester, New York.

The article also pointed out how protesters chanted environmentalist slogans, the march was organized by the environmentalist group Sierra Club, and actor/activist Leonardo DiCaprio showed up at the D.C. march.

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  • Mike S.

    The Big Lies never stop. Marxists lack universal goodwill, and they produce no worthwhile goods or services and have no practical real-world skills — unless one includes blackmail, extortion or misdirection of the masses, so they must invent fraudulent crises continually to fund their elitist lifestyles and to buy their way in to power. It’s time to seize these assets of treason, starting with Soros’ pals — from hedge fund manager to trial lawyers, so the sun can disinfect the socioeconomic bacteria that is really ruining our planet.

  • 9.8m/ss

    Skeptics respect scientific expertise. Deniers deny there’s anything to be expert about. Skeptics, presented with evidence that they’ve been misled, learn, and change their minds. Deniers can’t. Skeptics recognize a fallacious argument designed to appeal to the emotions. Deniers live to have their opinions confirmed. Trump and his appointees are not skeptics. They’re some of the most credulous people ever appointed to high office.