Accuracy in Media

As if a small-town mayoral election is showing there is anti-Trump sentiment in Trump country (i.e. western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia). NBC News heralded the defeat of 79-year-old mayor of Monessen, Louis Mavrakis, to a 26-year-old assistant band director at a local high school named Matt Shorraw.

Monessen is located in western Pennsylvania, a region that helped Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

Sorry, NBC News, but this is a non-story about Trump country into anti-Trump country.

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  • mioahu

    Ahahahhaha, hilarious, this is what they have to resort to to give a glimmer of good news to their comrades . Good job for finding this obscure fact, and making the day for many hurting lefties out there, who get destroyed by Trump’s policies every day. I am pretty sure the assistant band director will do a great job as a mayor…like all the lefties who ruined pretty much everything they ran, need I say more than Detroit , Baltimore ? …He has no experience, and is just another leftist propagandista, with their “compassionate” hate filled rethoric, their hatred of america and western values and their dream of a heritage void, value void homogenous society..the dream of every stupid communist that always fails, but then they have no clue about history and geopolitics, so they keep hitting their head on the wall, go comrade