Accuracy in Media

Per NBC News and their DNC sources, this is routine for campaign organizations such as the Democratic National Committee. Under the new leadership of former Obama cabinet secretary Tom Perez, all DNC staffers will submit a letter of resignation and then be interviewed by DNC upper-level management to determine the future structure of the DNC.

But yes, NBC News got it right that the DNC is “embattled,” considering they lost the U.S. Senate majority and the White House in the 2016 elections.

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  • J. Glenn

    The photo should hang in the DNC Hall of Shame, which should be built in Washington D.C. on the mall; it would have to be a huge structure to accommodate all qualifying Demon-crats. (Why does Brazile always have a facial expression that suggests constipation? She is effusively anal retentive but has a much more severe case of chronic diarrhea of the mouth.)

  • Apolloone

    LOL: Is that the Muslim Keith Ellison on our far right? A good choice for the Fascist party being that Islam is a Fascist Political Ideology, this is interesting since the Democrat party boos the God of the Bible I imagine now they’ll install prayer rugs and foot baths since they’ll be praising Allah the god of the Qur’an who is a 180 degrees from Yahweh the Elohim [God] of the Bible.