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A great take over at The Federalist on how the media ignored an important legal story: Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) confirmed last week that the Obama administration violated the Constitution by making Obamacare payments:

In deciding to pay the cost-sharing subsidies without an appropriation, the Obama administration and its allies have endorsed a strategy of ends justifying means: They wanted to provide health insurance to more Americans, therefore it was acceptable to violate the Constitution. And if the administration violated the Constitution long enough, and on a big enough scale, they could change the law to meet their will. Now that a federal court has ruled that President Obama did in fact violate the Constitution, that’s exactly what Pelosi and Schumer want to do: Change the law to accommodate the Obama administration’s law-breaking.

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  • john robel

    Obamacare is MARXIST in conception and application. The manifesto states ” from those according to their abilities, to those according to their needs”. This is the definition of the mandates that require men and older women to pay for prenatal care, to provide for welfare breeders and illegals. I DESPISE CHUCKIE, NANCY, DIANE, PATTY, MARIA, AND ALL THE OTHER ELITIST LIBERAL ANARCHISTS. LIBERALS, SUCK MY AR15. WHEN IT COMES TO KALIFORNIA, I AM ROOTING FOR THE EARTHQUAKES AND FAULT LINE.

  • Rich

    To repeal and replace the ACA would be a terrible mistake for the GOP. Democrats are gleefully waiting for us to step in this quicksand, piss off millions of voters and then benefit in future elections.

    Let it fail.

    Only then will Democrats be forced to accept responsibility for this debacle and have any interest in participating in any solution.

    Every day Democrats are making any GOP action more unpopular. Repealing and replacing the ACA is one promise that President Trump made that we cannot afford for him to keep.

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