Accuracy in Media

Although the liberal media has used the phrase “fake news” to defend itself against the conservative media, it is still a relevant phrase when incorrect news is peddled as truth.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claimed that the Border Patrol is checking documents of illegal immigrants heading out of Houston during Hurricane Harvey.

However, The Federalist took a deep dive and apparently debunked most of the story behind the ACLU’s claim, that no checkpoints were in place to inhibit those heading out of Houston, nor were there any document checks.

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  • J. Glenn

    The ACLU is the all-time worst of hate groups. FDR’s Attorney General went to Russia in the ’30s to talk with Stalin who was killing millions of his own citizens at the time, but did they talk about the famines, tortures and murders and the death camps in the Soviet Union? No. They talked about plans to start the ACLU, another deceitful name for yet another U.S.Soviet-Marxist front group. The ACLU has no moral claim or historical right to judge or say or do anything. They are vicious, lying deranged thugs who’d kill us all if we didn’t provide them with so many products and services they could never invent or produce themselves because they are psychopaths. RICO statutes should be applied to this abysmal organization, their assets seized and the staff sent to Siberia.

  • mioahu

    Yeah, more lies from the fake news

  • samiam

    Do they not understand we are well educated on “Fake News” and are not gullible when it comes to spotting it!

  • Kyle Strand

    I’m not sure the Federalist article is actually accurate.

    It says that I-35 “obviously” won’t be an evacuation route, and that several of the listed checkpoints “obviously” aren’t actually checkpoints and are merely administrative buildings. But according to the official evacuation maps, I-35 *is* an evacuation route into San Antonio:

    As for the checkpoints, they do indeed have administrative function, but they are *also* “linewatch” stations: and

    So maybe “checkpoint” is not an appropriate term, but these stations definitely *do* perform active enforcement duties.