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Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropic organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies, said it will pull together $15 million to help fund the United Nations’ arm that oversees the Paris climate change agreement. Bloomberg is the former liberal New York City mayor, an anti-NRA and anti-gun rights advocate, and now will spend his own money to fund climate change management at the United Nations.

This was in response to last week’s announcement by President Donald Trump that the U.S. will withdraw from the agreement, which was put into place by predecessor Barack Obama.

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  • J. Glenn

    Sound like a case of fascistic treason. U.S. businessman Bloomberg is colluding with a foreign government organization against the wishes of many U.S. citizens and lawmakers. No doubt he is using some workaround so funds are not directly related to business holdings but — as his comrades would have it otherwise — it is the appearance of an impropriety that matters. The Justice Department should freeze Bloomberg’s U.S.-based assets immediately and convene a special counsel. Let him post a $15 million bail.

  • mioahu

    That’s ok, 15 millions less in his coffers, which will go to corrupt politicians in Africa, contributing 0 to the climate agreement (which is a huge scam anyways, another leftist attempt at wealth redistribution, has almost nothing to do with climate, other than that it won’t change it :-))