Accuracy in Media

CNN and the rest of the liberal media are questioning whether an unpaid government advisory role for Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, is nepotism and violates federal government ethics laws.

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are now unpaid government advisors in the Trump administration.


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  • Joan P. Epps

    Yes, it does violates everything. Who have you heard holds a position as President of the USA and need to have his grown children and their spouse in the same building with him to tell him how to be a President. ????????????????????????? Sounds like his mind is slipping. Also I did not work till I can work no more to pay for all of his family doings and his grand vacation, plus golfing. Get rid of all the Trumps, out of Office, give them to Russia.

  • stan

    And make the oblamos pay us back for all their luxurious vacations

  • Oldmonkey

    Ivonka and Jared surely aren’t doing it for salaries they likely will give to charity. The couple is worth $700 million.

  • chipper13

    What exactly does it violate? What law? Quite frankly, what’s this got to do w/ you? Are you looking for pity?