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The use of the word “grilled” is synonymous with asking politicians biased questions, at least for Today host Savannah Guthrie.

Guthrie was interviewing House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), a key architect of tax reform legislation, and used a quote on tax reform from former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

She then asked the following question about tax reform: “Are you living in a fantasy world?”

“I would compare that anecdote to just the surveys of businesses like the National Association of Manufacturers, which show the vast majority of businesses are going to do just what we say — reinvest in their workers, reinvest in their factories, pay people more money, higher wages,” Ryan said.

The media jumped on this video clip, with Time calling it a grilling of Paul Ryan on TV, and The Week and Mediaite agreed.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    Well, let’s see. What the current tax bill plans to do has been done at least three times before, to my recollection, twice at the national level (under Reagan and Bush Jr.) and once at the state level (by Brownback in Kansas). In each case, the tax cuts did the exact opposite of what “conservatives” said they would do. So, Paul Ryan does, in fact, live in a fantasy land. As do the rest of the GOP and AIM.

  • samo war
  • J. Glenn

    Isn’t her name racist and Marxist? A river from the Deep South and Arlo Guthrie’s Communist affiliations? She should fired immediately on that basis. She looks as empty headed as a pussycat should. Weinstein probably bopped her a few times.