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Raul Labrador, a Republican congressman from Idaho, was at a townhall last weekend and was asked a question about his vote to repeal Obamacare that week and about health care coverage. He responded, “Nobody dies because they didn’t have access to health care.” He was booed by the audience and ridiculed in the media for his response.

The liberal media pounced on this, with CNN claiming that it will be ready-made soundbite for the Democrats. They also said that Rep. Labrador earned the ‘Worst Week in Washington’ label for his comments. Politifact rated his statement as “pants on fire” because some studies found that it could be as high as 18,000 people dying from lack of access to health care.

Rep. Labrador has since apologized and said it was not an “elegant” answer, but that he meant to respond to the “false notion” that repealing Obamacare will lead to people dying in the streets.

The media looks for any opportunity to rail against the GOP and the misstatement by Labrador did not make things easier.

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  • glenn398

    Don’t know why he apologized as that statement is correct. We have medicate and anyone illegal or not can’t be refused medical treatment thru hospital emergency rooms.

  • tjmiller

    Yes, while that may be the case in emergency situations, there are plenty of expensive surgeries that can save a life that will not be available to people without health care

  • Ken

    Remember- Doctors are the $th cause of death

  • tjmiller

    Watch the movie” As Good As it Gets”. They make the point that only those with health insurance, can see a specialist that can make a difference. ER residents are seldom as good as specialists.

  • Tannim

    Everyone dies. This obsession over not dying is absurd, and obsession with government being Big Nanny is even more absurd.

  • glenn398

    Wrong, the next door neighbor to me badly cut his hand with a circle saw, went to emergency room, got treated and was assigned to a specialist to reconstruct his hand. Not only that it cost him nothing for both and even his medication was free. Now how many paying for health insurance can say they would pay nothing for all those procedures, none.

  • bflat879

    Actually, there are few people who die, in the United States, because they don’t have access to health care. There may be some people who die because they don’t know how to access what’s available, but few die because the system refused to treat them because of lack of insurance or money.

    I personally believe the Democrats and their media wing do a disservice to such a great country by insinuating that what Republicans accomplished is actually going to increase the number of deaths in the United States. That is a lie and should be pointed out as such at every opportunity. What Rep. Labrador said wasn’t really that bad but is being blown up by the Democrats and their media wing to delegitimize the President and the Republican Party. There’s a reason people don’t trust the press and the Democrats, this is just one of them.

  • sweetqueen777

    Actually, he is CORRECT. It is NOT the access to health care that is the problem. The Problem is the COST of the Health Care. The fact remains that we , in America, have plenty of doctors and clinics. Sadly, many of them are more interested in making tons of money, than they are in actually helping PEOPLE, regardless of their ability to pay. And, BTW, they are prevented, BY LAW, from turning away true emergencies. I am a Health Care Professional, with over 40 years of experience in various settings, both private and public. We did not need an insurance overhaul, we need an overhaul of the COSTS. *(Notice the largest buildings in most towns are the Insurance Buildings.) They NEVER lose money. Their profit margin may shrink, and their stockholders may scream, but they will not lose.

  • sweetqueen777

    Agreed. And, that is the fault of Greedy doctors and hospitals. IF providers of service HAD to treat ALL who came to them, including a few home care patients each, the “wealth” and lack of wealth, would be spread evenly over the entire profession. Each doctor would also have some rich patients and benefactors for those needing charity. 100 years ago, doctors were not necesarily RICH, but they were respected. and no one met you at the front door asking for money. Not a perfect plan, but my point is that we are fixing the wrong problem.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    If he’s talking healthcare insurance, then he’s right. Anybody that is sick can go to their local ER, or to their local health department. Most of the health department services are free to people who can’t afford a doctor. The only way somebody has NO access to health care is if they live on a deserted island, or stranded in a desert, or in the highest mountains. There’s even walk in clinics that people can go to, if they’re having health problems. And, some of the walk in clinics are excellent places. If a person has an emergency, no PUBLICLY owned hospital can refuse to treat them. Private owned hospitals are different though. But, most of the privately owned ones will stabilize the person before sending them somewhere else.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Yep! Insurance costs are what keep people from being able to afford it. Also, the co-pays can be a hardship too. But, there ARE ways it can be done. The health departments are a good place to start. If it’s a problem they can’t handle, the health department can send the patient somewhere else, to a clinic or hospital that works with the health department. And, what has hurt the most is, the patient being able to sue a doctor for ridiculous sums. They have to pay exorbitant costs for insurance, then if sued, have to pay again, if the court finds in the patient’s winning the case. And, not everybody qualifies for Medicaid. I am fortunate to have Medicare, Humana insurance, & QMB, which is actually Medicaid. I pay very little out of pocket for medical care. But, I had to wait until I turned 65 to qualify for it. Also, if a doctor is donating his time, & waiving fees for someone, that person needs to be a little more thoughtful, AND thankful!

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Inelegant, probably. Accurate, unquestionably.

  • urbisoler

    The TRUTH is that the Democrats want to control everything. They will not care if one or none ever die for lack of medical care. All they care about is control. They want a government that will take care of your every need. They think that the public WILL pay for all these benefits. Problem is that they do not take into account mother nature. Man is by virtue of his DNA an aggressive species. He will not get along with all of his neighbors because it is not in his DNA to do so. He will not accept Government control of all his activities because it is not in his DNA to do so. Study the animal kingdom (Ethology) and you will learn the nature of mankind.

  • ProudAmerican9

    It’s is NOT the government’s business and responsibility to provide healthcare, welfare and all the rest of the stinking entitlements. It’s not your right to have all things provided by your government. Get used to it and get over it. Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Take responsibility for yourself and your health. Eat and live right so you won’t have diseases and health problems. It’s on you, not the govmt. Everyone will die so accept it. NO to all government provided healthcare, forced vaccination, health ins. YES to the border wall and deportation of all illegal aliens.

  • aVet

    the mainstream media neeeds to be tried for treason and SHOT

  • glenn398

    sweetqueen you left out the high cost of all the law suits that have added to the high cost of health care.

  • AndRebecca

    We’ve had a public healthcare system in America since at least the 1930s with county hospitals and access to clinics. Women have had babies in county hospitals free of charge for years and years. There have been well baby clinics, plus all sorts of other services. Those who were in accidents and were taken to the county hospital by paramedics (like in the old TV show) have been able to get free treatment thanks to the taxpayers. We have had school nurses. We’ve had free nursing home care. All of this free treatment existed long before Obamacare. For people not needing government assistance, they could self pay and/or get insurance or have free treatment provided by non-government entities. Our old system was called a two-tier health system, and it worked great except it was constantly undermined by the Left in order to socialize medicine. There were things which could have been done to make the old system even better, but those things were fought by the Left, and prices rose because of them and now we have this unaffordable mess.


    The obsession that health insurance is the same thing as health care is getting beyond absurd. The childish and ignorant just won’t see the difference between the two things. We need cheaper health care. If we have that, we shouldn’t really need to feed the insurance companies at all.

  • glenn398

    Sharon trouble is they aren’t as those doctors giving freely of their services are just as likely to get sued as the rest of them.

  • Robert Miles

    So people will still die as the result of repealing Obamacare, just not in the streets.