Accuracy in Media

Dear media, why all the buzz about protests from a small portion of the National Football League’s players?

Per ESPN’s Darren Rovell, only 120 players in the league protested the American national anthem during pre-game ceremonies this past Sunday. That figure represents 12 percent of the league’s players.

Granted, it is more than what American viewers are used to seeing, but it is really a drop in the bucket compared to the intense coverage that the protests created.

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  • KAG505

    Then the other 88% of those players who may think what the 12% is doing to tarnish the whole league is wrong, need to step up and say so. If not then join the 12%.

  • samo war
  • Fake News! at it again! The MSM doesn’t subscribe to the adage, “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?” The MSM believes in lying to your eyes!

  • Michael Ray

    Headlines should read: “Only 12%of players protest”